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Project-based learning in robotics meets junior high school

Yair Zadok

The purpose of this study is to examine the teachers’ practice of “meaningful learning” has become an inseparable part of the educational discourse. As a result, many…

Development of a novel safety and health educational management information system (HAZ-PRO) for oil and gas production operation: A proposed framework

Muhammad Mujtaba Asad, Razali Bin Hassan, Fahad Sherwani, Irfan Ahmed Rind, Yaser Maiji

This proposed research study aims to focus on the development and implementation of a new safety and health educational management information system (hazard-free…

Complexities in mega rail transportation projects: “Sydney metro” and “Melbourne metro rail” insight

Koorosh Gharehbaghi, Kerry McManus, Neville Hurst, Kathryn Robson, Matt Myers

The purpose of this paper is to initially evaluate the most current and important complications of sustainable mega rail transportation projects. This purpose is assisted…

Development of part families for a reconfigurable machine

Vennan Sibanda, Khumbulani Mpofu, John Trimble, Mufaro Kanganga

Reconfigurable machines tools (RMTs) are gaining momentum as the new solutions to customised products in the manufacturing world. The driving force, among others, behind…

Multi-criterion analysis based on integrated process-risk optimization

Rima Derradji, Rachida Hamzi

This paper aims to propose a process optimization approach showing how organizations are able to achieve sustainable and efficient process optimization, based on…

Simplified probabilistic seismic assessment of dampers in tall and braced structures in buildings

Tanuja Singh, Megha Kalra, Anil Kumar Misra

The paper aims to focus on adjacent buildings response, equipped with damper, to analyze the vibration reduction in the nearby buildings. The nearby buildings were also…

Strength of concrete produced with different sources of aggregates from selected parts of Abia and Imo States of Nigeria

Uchechi G. Eziefula, Hyginus E. Opara, Bennett I. Eziefula

This paper aims to investigate the 28-day compressive strength of concrete produced with aggregates from different sources.

Mapping out research focus for robotics and automation research in construction-related studies: A bibliometric approach

Douglas Omoregie Aghimien, Clinton Ohis Aigbavboa, Ayodeji Emmanuel Oke, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala

The adoption of robotics and automation (R&A) within the construction industry has been adjudged as slow, despite the possibility of it reducing the high risk posed on…

Object oriented design of safety critical programmable equipment systems

John Borer

The purpose of this study is to provide a method for designing the software for a process control system that avoids difficulties that lead to safety problems.

Internet of things in construction industry revolution 4.0: Recent trends and challenges in the Malaysian context

Yaser Gamil, Majid A. Abdullah, Ismail Abd Rahman, Muhammad Mujtaba Asad

In this advanced era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, as an element of cyber physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been applied in many different industries;…

Time-dependent safety performance of reinforced concrete structures

Utino Worabo Woju, A.S. Balu

Performance of the structure depends on design, construction, environment, utilization and reliability aspects. Other factors can be controlled by adopting proper design…

Conflict factors investigation among construction professionals in Nigeria

Benjamen Sunkanmi Adeyemi, Clinton Ohis Aigbavboa

This paper aims to determine various factors that cause conflict among professionals in the Nigerian construction industry.

Concept evaluation in new product development: A set-based method utilizing rapid prototyping and physical modelling

Jørgen Blindheim, Christer W. Elverum, Torgeir Welo, Martin Steinert

This paper proposes the combination of rapid prototyping and physical modelling as a set-based concept evaluation method in the early stage of new product development.

A virtual educational model on a CNC milling machine including and excluding two methods of fuzzy controllers

Bashir Osman, Haitao Zhu

Training centers and labs offer many applications suitable for beginners who want to know how to set and operate a computer numerical control (CNC) milling machine…

Research on dynamic data monitoring of steel structure building information using BIM

Ying Xia

This study aims to analyze the dynamic monitoring of deformation damage of steel structure buildings in long-term use. Although the steel structure building has the…

Fuzzy uncertainty and its applications in reinforced concrete structures

Utino Worabo Woju, A.S. Balu

The aim of this paper is mainly to handle the fuzzy uncertainties present in structures appropriately. In general, uncertainties of variables are classified as aleatory…

An appraisal of the adoption internet of things (IoT) elements for sustainable construction

Victor Adetunji Arowoiya, Ayodeji Emmanuel Oke, Clinton Ohis Aigbavboa, John Aliu

The purpose of this paper is to assess the adoption of internet of things (IoT) element with the view of increasing usage so that benefits of convenience, increased…

Optimal planning of renewable energy systems for power loss reduction in transmission expansion planning

Saheed Lekan Gbadamosi, Nnamdi I. Nwulu

The purpose of this study is to address the efficiency of power losses representation while still reducing the computational burden of an optimal power flow (OPF) model in…

3D printing optimization algorithm based on back-propagation neural network

Jinshun Yan

To obtain a high-quality finished product model, three-dimensional (3D) printing needs to be optimized.

Home intelligent lighting control system based on wireless sensor

Lianyu Wang

Intelligent lighting control system can control lights to go off when people leave, which has been widely concerned by researchers.

Designing a model developed to assess the capabilities of technological innovation in Iranian construction of power plant equipment industries

Abbas Khamseh, Parisa Marei

In this research, we investigate the capability level of technological construction for power plant equipment industries in Iran based on the development of a domestic…

Sustainability assessment of urban water environment treatment public-private partnership projects using fuzzy logic

Huimin Li, Qing Xia, Lunyan Wang, Ying Ma

In recent years, with the increasingly serious urban water environmental pollution, the government has exerted considerable effort to promote the comprehensive improvement…

BIM data model requirements for asset monitoring and the circular economy

Juan Manuel Davila Delgado, Lukumon O. Oyedele

The purpose of this paper is to review and provide recommendations to extend the current open standard data models for describing monitoring systems and circular economy…

Optimal energy mix for a reverse osmosis desalination unit considering demand response

Ewaoche John Okampo, Nnamdi I. Nwulu

Reverse osmosis (RO) has become an important method of desalination to meet the ever-growing water needs around the world. Its integration with renewable energy source…

Commute and labour productivity: investigation of inner city construction sites

Daniel Alejandro Chaparro, Fei J. Ying, Funmilayo Ebun Rotimi, Temitope Egbelakin

This paper aims to identify the impact that commute patterns pose on construction labour productivity (CLP). There is limited research focussed on the impact of workforce…

Development of geopolymer cement concrete for highway infrastructure applications

Niragi Dave, Vaishali Sahu, Anil Kumar Misra

The purpose of this work is to study the in-situ performance of ternary geopolymer concrete in road repair work. Geopolymer cement concrete is an attractive alternative to…

Day-ahead load forecasting using improved grey Verhulst model

Ariel Mutegi Mbae, Nnamdi I. Nwulu

In the daily energy dispatch process in a power system, accurate short-term electricity load forecasting is a very important tool used by spot market players. It is a…

Dry sliding wear performance on self-healing Al6061 composites

Nitin Kumar Gupta, Gananath Doulat Thakre, Manoj Kumar

The purpose of this study is to investigate the tribological performance of the developed self-healing Al6061 composite and to optimize the operating conditions for…

Optimization of design and measurement principle of six-components force/thrust measurement stand

Zhang Jun, Muhammad Ayaz Akbar, Wang Xin lei, Danaish

The purpose of this study is to present the optimization of the design and measurement principle of a six-component force/thrust measurement stand. This study highlights…

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