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Work principle in inelastic buckling analysis of axially compressed rectangular plates

U.G. Eziefula, D.O. Onwuka, O.M. Ibearugbulem

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the inelastic buckling of a rectangular thin flat isotropic plate subjected to uniform uniaxial in-plane compression using a work…

Flexural and shear strengths of fiber modify lightweight aggregate concrete and its application in water-retaining structures

Adnan Qadir, Uneb Gazder

The purpose of this study is to investigate the incorporation of lightweight aggregate concrete modify with fiber (LWACF) in water retaining structure. In developed countries…

Effect of γ (gamma)-radiation on mechanical properties of raw and polyethylene glycol-modified bleached jute reinforced polyester composite

Md. Asadul Hoque, Md. Anwarul Kabir Bhuiya, Md. Saiduzzaman, Md. Ashadul Islam, Mubarak A. Khan

This paper aim to comparatively study of mechanical properties of gamma radiation treated raw and polyethylene glycol modified bleached jute reinforced polyester composite. The…

Fuel production, performance, and emission of a CI engine using waste plastics oil

Adun Janyalertadun, Chumsunti Santaweesuk, Sompop Sanongraj

This paper aims to present the production of waste plastic oil from landfill waste plastics, the performance and emissions of a compression ignition (CI) engine, using waste…

Review on algae for biodiesel fuel production, its characteristics comparison with other and their impact on performance, combustion and emissions of diesel engine

Ganesh Babu Katam, Veeresh Babu A., Madhu Murthy K., Ganesh S. Warkhade

This study aims to find a new alternate source for biodiesel conversion. The alternate source must be easily available, and it should give more oil yield than available edible…


The relationship of paleontology, palaeobotany and coal thickness of Taiyuan Formation, Late Carboniferous – Early Permian in Shanxi Province:

Wen Yang, Sherong Hu, Shimin Ma

The purpose of this paper is to find the relationship of palaeontology, palaeobotany and coal thickness of Taiyuan Formation during Late Carboniferous – Early Permian Period in…

Computational contact mechanics analysis of laterally graded orthotropic half-planes

Onur Arslan

Frictional sliding contact problems between laterally graded orthotropic half-planes and a flat rigid stamp are investigated. The presented study aims at guiding engineering…


Paste-filling weighing control system optimization based on neural network

Guimei Wang, Yong Shuo Zhang, Lijie Yang, Shuai Zhang

This paper aims to optimize the weighing control system and compensate weighing error for weighing control system of coal mine paste-filling weighing control system.

Coupling reaction of epoxide and carbon dioxide catalysed by alkali metal salts in the presence of ß-cyclodextrin derivatives

Zhang Guangqing, Shenjun Qin, Li Zhen, Han Haiyan, Li Hui, Tao Chang

This study aims to investigate the coupling reaction of epoxide and CO2 catalysed by alkali metal salts in the presence of ß-cyclodextrin (ß-CD) derivatives to generate cyclic…

Modeling and simulation of a deformed smart structure using piezoelectric patch

Lebied Abdelaziz, Necib Brahim, Sahli Mohamed Lakhdar

Safety improvement and cost reduction have a strong influence on the way to achieve maintenance operations of complex structures, in particular in air transportation, in civil…

Numerical simulation of hybrid composite tubes under oblique compression

Al Emran Ismail, N. Nezere

An energy-absorbing device is an important tool that is capable of increasing the survivability of passengers in vehicles. Generally, empty metallic tubes are used, and it is…

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