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Accessible tourism: a bibliometric review (2008–2020)

Guanghui Qiao, Liu Ding, Linlin Zhang, Huili Yan

The purpose of this paper is to reveal the knowledge evolution process, research hotspots and future trends in the accessible tourism research literature from 2008 to 2020.


Combination forecasting using multiple attribute decision making in tourism demand

Yi-Chung Hu

This study aims to address three important issues of combination forecasting in the tourism context: reducing the restrictions arising from requirements related to the…

Tourism destination brand equity, brand authenticity and revisit intention: the mediating role of tourist satisfaction and the moderating role of destination familiarity

Huike Shi, Yaping Liu, Tafazal Kumail, Liurong Pan

This study aims to explore the relationships among destination brand equity, brand authenticity and revisit intention. The mediating role of tourist satisfaction and the…


Antecedents of tourists’ solo travel intentions

Constanza Bianchi

This study aims to empirically investigate the antecedents of tourists’ intentions to continue solo traveling.


Children’s dominance in family vacation decision-making (FVDM): a multi-national analysis

Yu Chih Chiang, Che-Jen Su, Hsin-Hsing Liao, Monica Chaudhary, Yi-Fang Lan

This paper aims to explore adolescents’ perceptions of child-parent dominance in family vacation decision-making (FVDM) by investigating child-parent relative influence…

Cruise vacation experiences for Chinese families with young children

Sha Wang, Tianyun Chu, Huiying Li, Qianqian Sun

The market segment of families with young children is significant for the cruise industry in China. This study aims to examine the cruise experience of them and facilitate…

Chineseness and behavioural complexity: rethinking Chinese tourist gaze studies

Mohan Li, Hazel Tucker, Ganghua Chen

This study aims to reconsider Chinese tourist gaze studies, examining the extent to which extant studies and theoretical models relating to the Chinese tourist gaze have…

Wellness tourism: customer-perceived value on customer engagement

Lishan Xie, Xinhua Guan, Yingxin He, Tzung-Cheng Huan

This study aims to evaluate the process of value co-creation within wellness tourism by constructing a structural equation model of customer interactions with the…


Tourists’ travel intention: revisiting the TPB model with age and perceived risk as moderator and attitude as mediator

Lan-Hsun Wang, Shih-Shuo Yeh, Kuan-Ying Chen, Tzung-Cheng Huan

This study aims to understand tourists’ travel intention during the COVID-19 pandemic by using the theory of planned behavior (TPB) with additional causal links and…


The companion effect on adventure tourists’ satisfaction and subjective well-being: the moderating role of gender

Lujun Su, Jin Cheng, Scott Swanson

In an adventure tourism context (i.e. sky diving, bungee jumping) the effect of the absence or presence of a travel companion; companion relative ability (i.e. perception…

Gender as moderator of the influence of tourists’ risk perception on destination image and visit intentions

Rita R. Carballo, Carmelo J. León, María M. Carballo

This paper aims to study the influence of gender on the theoretical and empirical relationships between tourists’ risk perceptions and both destination image and…

The moderation of gender in the effects of Chinese traditionality and patriotism on Chinese domestic travel intention

Ke Shen, Yanbin Wu

The purpose of this paper is to incorporate Chinese traditionality (CT) and patriotism (PAT) within the theory of reasoned action (TRA). It tests the moderating effect of…

Airline service: low-cost-carriers (LCCs) failure and passenger emotional experience

Halimin Herjanto, Muslim Amin, Fevzi Okumus, Cihan Cobanoglu

This study aims to analyze low-cost-carrier (LCC) passengers’ comments about their flight experience on Asian LCCs.

Smiling for tips? Will restaurant servers’ actions affect customers’ emotional contagion and tipping behavior?

Chih-Hui Hsiao, Chia-Hsuan Chien, Shih-Shuo Yeh, Tzung-Cheng Huan

This study aims to examine the impacts of restaurant servers’ actions on the customers’ emotional contagion and the impacts of customers’ emotional contagion on their…

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