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Engaging tourists as citizen scientists in marine tourism

Vikki Schaffer, Aaron Tham

This paper aims to propose a framework for engaging tourists as citizen scientists in marine research. Justification for such a framework is driven by the increasing use…

Characteristics and behaviors of anti-gun and pro-gun travelers

Sevil Sönmez, Asli D.A. Tasci

Despite ample attention to perceived risk and its consequences on tourist behavior, characteristics of travelers who are anti-gun or pro-gun have received little attention…

Conceptualization and development of event experience scale: lessons from India

Shivam Rai, Jogendra Kumar Nayak

The purpose of this paper is to conceptualize and develop an event experience scale in the business event (trade shows) context.

Effect of high performance work practices on service innovative behavior

Deepakshi Jaiswal, Akansha Tyagi

This study aims to provide a holistic model for high performance work practices (HPWPs), work engagement (WE), job autonomy (JA) and service innovative behavior (SIB) of…

Islamic and Muslim tourism: service quality and theme parks in the UAE

Lamya Abbas Darwish Abdulla Lari, Shilpa Iyanna, Fauzia Jabeen

The purpose of this paper is to identify dimensions of theme park quality from an Islamic perspective and develop a framework to examine the interrelationships between…

High-speed rail network in China: the contribution of fast trains to regional tourism and economic development

Mingwei Li, Juan Chen

The high-speed rail network can lead to the transformation of the tourism industry, as well as the regional economy. In the present study, a reasonable method was…

Analysis of tourism demand using a multi-dimensional panel gravity model

Ferda Yerdelen Tatoglu, Hasan Gul

This study aims to estimate the determinants of international tourist flows between destinations by using the panel gravity model.

Qualitative online research in tourism – a systematic review of the literature

Saeed Pahlevan-Sharif, Paolo Mura, Sarah N.R. Wijesinghe

This paper aims to present a systematic review of tourism articles using qualitative online methods. By focussing on tourism journals, this work explores the paradigmatic…


Loyalty motivations for religious tourism: Indonesian Muslim travelers umrah participating in umrah pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Cedric Hsi-Jui Wu, Ali Mursid

This paper aims to investigate how motivation aspects including expected organizational rewards (EOR) and enjoyment in helping others (EHO) drive umrah travelers…

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