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Visiting the “enemy”: visitation in politically unstable destinations

Anna Farmaki, Katerina Antoniou, Prokopis Christou

This study aims to examine the factors shaping the intentions of people to visit a hostile outgroup.

Nature-based experiences in tree houses: guests’ online reviews

Ana Brochado

This study aims to examine nature-based tourists’ experiences in tree houses using user-generated content in Web reviews. The research objectives were to identify the main…

Local authority sustainable planning for tourism: lessons from Ireland

Emmet McLoughlin, James Hanrahan

Sustainability is an essential word in the vocabulary of modern planning; it is the key principle that underpins the Irish planning process. Yet, despite decades of…


Measuring service quality and customer satisfaction of the small- and medium-sized hotels (SMSHs) industry: lessons from United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Syed Zamberi Ahmad, Norita Ahmad, Avraam Papastathopoulos

This study aims to delve upon customer satisfaction and service quality within small- and medium-sized hotels (SMSHs) by using a modified SERVQUAL model.


Music and emotion links to visitor harassment: a look at Jamaica

Annmarie Nicely, Raslinda Mohd Ghazali

The purpose of this paper is to use a study conducted on the Caribbean island of Jamaica to make the case that music might be a plausible suppressant of negative visitor…

Halal tourism: state of the art

Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez, María Moral-Moral

Halal tourism is a growing segment that represents a potentially attractive niche. However, although increasing, it is still a young and residual area of academic…


Factors influencing cruise vacations: the impact of online reviews and environmental friendliness

Frida Bahja, Cihan Cobanoglu, Katerina Berezina, Carolin Lusby

The purpose of the study was to discover the relative importance of influencing factors toward booking a cruise vacation. Based on a review of literature, this study…

Posthumanism and tourism

Erik Cohen

This study aims to raises the question of the potential impact of posthumanism, a stream in contemporary postmodernist philosophy, on current tourism practices and tourism…

The power of head tilts: gender and cultural differences of perceived human vs human-like robot smile in service

Chung-En Yu, Henrique F. Boyol Ngan

The purpose of this study is to understand the perceptual differences toward smiling behaviors with head inclinations displaying by the human-like robot staff and human…


The impact of perceived price justice and satisfaction on loyalty: the mediating effect of revisit intention

A. Celil Cakici, Yilmaz Akgunduz, Oya Yildirim

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between perceived price justice, satisfaction, revisit intention and loyalty among restaurant customers…


Factors influencing outbound medical travel from the USA

Ayse Collins, Anita Medhekar, Ho Yin Wong, Cihan Cobanoglu

The purpose of this paper is to explore how Americans choose a country and medical facility to travel abroad for medical treatment based on the following factors country…

The effects of the winery visitor experience on emotions, satisfaction and on post-visit behaviour intentions

Ifigeneia Leri, Prokopis Theodoridis

This paper aims to explore the impact of the experience of a winery visit to the visitor’s emotions and the effect of these emotions on visitor’s intention to revisit and…


Strategic tourism management to address natural hazards in coastal areas: lessons from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ariadna Belen Tanana, Cecilia Alejandra Rodriguez, Verónica Gil

The integral approach to risk is currently an important background for the local development processes within the sustaintability framework. Given the greater frequency…

Thematic framework of social media research: state of the art

Xi Yu Leung, Jie Sun, Billy Bai

The unprecedented growth of social media in the past decade has resulted in an increasing interest on social media research. The purpose of this study is to examine the…


Facebook fan page management for global airlines

Fakhri Baghirov, Ye Zhang, Noor Hazarina Hashim

This study aims to investigate the adoption and performance of Facebook fan pages (FFPs) among global airline companies in developed, least developed and developing countries.

Technology innovations towards reducing hospitality human resource costs in Langkawi, Malaysia

Rozila Ahmad, Noel Scott

Hotel labour costs in Malaysia are increasing. This paper aims to explore Langkawi hotel managers’ perceptions about reducing labour costs using various information and…


Exploring interventions to curb workplace deviance: lessons from Air India

Pooja Malik, Usha Lenka

In a world of fast-changing markets, corporate brand is the heart and soul of a company. A company’s employees are crucial in nourishing a successful corporate image…

Virtual reality in tourism: a state-of-the-art review

Julia Beck, Mattia Rainoldi, Roman Egger

Emerging technologies, such as virtual reality (VR), have been influencing both the tourism supply side and tourists alike. The purpose of this study is to analyse VR…


The SOMOAR operationalization: a holistic concept to travel decision modelling

Christian Laesser, Jieqing Luo, Pietro Beritelli

Most state-of-the-art approaches for the analysis of the process of travel decision-making follow Woodworth’s neo-behaviouristic S–R (stimulus–response) or S–O–R…

The role of culture personality and self-congruity in the evaluation of cultures as destinations

Tamás Gyulavári, Erzsébet Malota

This study aims to determine cultures as personalities and investigates whether similarities or dissimilarities compared to the respondent’s own personality (actual self…

Do tourists’ emotional experiences influence images and intentions in yoga tourism?

Pramod Sharma, Jogendra Kumar Nayak

The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of tourists’ emotional experiences on predicting behavioral intentions via cognitive, affective and overall image…


Determinants of successful revenue management

Pilar Abad, Concepción De la Fuente-Cabrero, Lydia González-Serrano, Pilar Talón-Ballestero

The aim of this paper is to define which characteristics of a hotel and staff organization determine successful revenue management (RM) implementation in urban hotels.

Urban tourism: a systems approach – state of the art

Leticia Elizabeth Romero-García, Norman Aguilar-Gallegos, Oswaldo Morales-Matamoros, Isaías Badillo-Piña, Ricardo Tejeida-Padilla

The purpose of this paper is to explore the extent of the urban tourism literature that uses the systems approach to outline its research trajectory and detect its trends…

Environmental ethics for tourism- the state of the art

Andrew Holden

Environmental ethics has become an established subject of philosophy in recent decades in response to the contemporary environmental crisis. This paper aims to provide an…


Brand equity in a tourism destination: a case study of domestic tourists in Hoi An city, Vietnam

Vinh Trung Tran, Nguyen Phuc Nguyen, Phuong Thi Kim Tran, Tuan Nien Tran, Thuan Thi Phuong Huynh

This paper aims to propose and investigate the relationships among the components of brand equity, and examining the effects of these components on overall destination…


Perceived risks, travel constraints and visit intention of young women travelers: the moderating role of travel motivation

Mohammad Jamal Khan, Shankar Chelliah, Firoz Khan, Saba Amin

This study aims to investigate the moderating effect of travel motivation on the relationship between perceived risks, travel constraints and visit intention of young…


Medical tourism: tourists’ perceived services and satisfaction lessons from Malaysian hospitals

Muhammad Khalilur Rahman

The medical tourism industry has become one of the most profitable industries around the world wherein most of the countries exploit every effort to attract medical…

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