Tourism Review: Volume 74 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Innovation in Sustainable Tourism

Guest Editors: Robin Nunkoo, Boopen Seetanah

New directions in sustainable tourism research

Lisa Ruhanen, Char-lee Moyle, Brent Moyle

The purpose of this study is to expand our understanding of sustainable tourism research given that both researchers and policymakers consistently question the…


Residents’ attitudes to tourism: a review

Arghavan Hadinejad, Brent D. Moyle, Noel Scott, Anna Kralj, Robin Nunkoo

The purpose of this paper is to explore recent trends in the theories and methods applied to studies on residents’ attitudes.


The potential value of research-based evidence in destination management: the case of Kamikawa, Japan

Yukari Higuchi, Yasuhiro Yamanaka

This paper aims to examine the direct intervention of university researchers in tourism practices in Hokkaido, Japan. The overall objective is the further understanding…

Sustainable tourism certification in the African hotel sector

Anna Spenceley

The purpose of this paper is to review the current status of certification and certified hotels on the African continent, and to discuss the implications for mainstreaming…


Investigating the impact of climate change on the tourism sector: evidence from a sample of island economies

Boopen Seetanah, Sheereen Fauzel

Although it is a widely accepted fact that climate change can negatively impact on tourism demand and affect the economies at the socio-economic level, empirical studies…


Tourism and climate change in Mauritius: assessing the adaptation and mitigation plans and prospects

Roopanand Mahadew, Krishnee Adnarain Appadoo

The purpose of this paper is to assess the extent to which Mauritius has structured its adaptation to and mitigation of the climate change and its effects on the tourism…

Assessing impacts of implementing low-carbon tourism program for sustainable tourism in a world heritage city

Machima Thongdejsri, Vilas Nitivattananon

This study aims to illustrate the impact-assessment procedure of low-carbon tourism (LCT) program implemented in a world heritage city and to develop specific indicators…

Contributions of tourism to destination sustainability: golf tourism in St Andrews, Scotland

Richard William Butler

The purpose of this paper is to explore the role of golf tourism in contributing to the overall sustainability of the destination community of St Andrews, Scotland.

Sustainability in wildlife tourism: challenging the assumptions and imagining alternatives

Giovanna Bertella

This study raises and discusses questions concerning the assumptions of sustainability to uncover aspects that might lead to new critical ways of understanding it. More…


Creative tourism: South African township explorations

Irma Booyens, Christian M. Rogerson

This purpose of this paper is to explore creative forms of tourism in South African townships. The developmental potential of slum tourism is contested. One challenge is…


Tourism sustainability: economic benefits and strategies for preservation and conservation of heritage sitesin Southeast Asia

Kar Yee Chong, Ann Selvaranee Balasingam

This paper aims to provide empirical insights about the economic benefits as well as the useful strategies to preserve and conserve heritage sites in Southeast Asia. The…


Environmental identity and ecotourism behaviours: examination of the direct and indirect effects

Viraiyan Teeroovengadum

The paper aims to contribute to theory and practice by investigating into the role of environmental identity in explaining ecotourism attitudes and behaviours by first…

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