Tourism Review: Volume 73 Issue 2


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Tourism research on island destinations: a review

Eduardo Parra-López, José Alberto Martínez-González

The purpose of this study is to synthesize the published works about tourism in the island. Island destinations, especially smaller ones, suffer the negative effects of…


Understandings of tourism theory

Dimitrios P. Stergiou, David Airey

This paper explores perceptions of tourism theory and its usefulness to the professional practice of tourism management as identified by the two major stakeholder groups  


Tourist motivation: an integral approach to destination choices

Chang-Keun Yoo, Donghwan Yoon, Eerang Park

The purpose of this study is to discuss prevalent socio-psychological models which examine how tourists’ needs and motivations affect their destination choices by…


Video game–induced tourism: a new frontier for destination marketers

Louis-Etienne Dubois, Chris Gibbs

This paper aims to expand the media-related tourism literature in a new domain of application by highlighting a connection between the world of video games and tourism.


Interpretation in historic gardens: English Heritage perspective

Dean Hristov, Nikola Naumov, Petia Petrova

This paper aims to provide an exploratory investigation into contemporary interpretation methods used in historic gardens and their fundamental role in enhancing the…

Explaining determinants of Agri-tourism income: evidence from Italy

Vincenzo Giaccio, Agostino Giannelli, Luigi Mastronardi

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the income sources of Italian farm tourism businesses, considering some economic, social and environmental variables that represent…


Creating tourism experiences combining food and culture: an analysis among Italian producers

Roberta Garibaldi, Andrea Pozzi

This paper aims to understand how food and drink producers have combined food and culture into the tourism experience through an explorative analysis on a sample of…


Testing tourism-led growth hypothesis in Laos?

Phouphet Kyophilavong, John Luke Gallup, Teerawat Charoenrat, Kenji Nozaki

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the tourism-led growth hypothesis in Laos.

Disseminating environmental ethics and values: a study of ecotourism business owners

Leonie Bowles, Lisa Ruhanen

Establishing a shared understanding of the environment and sustainable development between stakeholders should be fundamental to the raison d'ĂŞtre of ecotourism…


Entrepreneurial intentions of surf tourists

Vanessa Ratten

There has been an increase in surf tourism, as surfing has gained more international prominence and popularity. Many individuals travel to surf competitions as a form of…

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