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Is tourism conducive to residents’ social trust? Evidence form large-scale social surveys

Marianna Strzelecka, Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn

This paper aims to understand the character of the relationship between tourism growth and residents’ social trust.

The mobility network of European tourists: a longitudinal study and a comparison with geo-located Twitter data

Davide Provenzano, Bartosz Hawelka, Rodolfo Baggio

This paper aims to provide a network study of the structural and dynamical characteristics of tourism flows in Europe from 1995 to 2012.

The effect of prosperity on international tourism expenditure

Amin Sokhanvar, Iman Aghaei, Şule Aker

This paper aims to investigate prosperity–international tourism expenditure nexus to discover the prosperity sub-indices which affect tourism expenditure.

Characteristics of destination image: visitors and non-visitors’ images of London

Dimitrios Stylidis, Barbora Cherifi

This paper aims to explore the characteristics (i.e. complex, specific) of destination image as perceived by visitors and non-visitors to a tourist place.


Beauty as a factor of economic and social development

Rodolfo Baggio, Vincenzo Moretti

The purpose of this paper is to discuss how aesthetic features can be the basis for a virtuous chain that leads to social and economic development.

Factors impacting restaurant efficiency: a data envelopment analysis

Oswald Mhlanga

Restaurants are characterised by predictable, seasonal factors and unpredictable, individual customer demand, which make it difficult for restaurateurs to attain…


A multi-period perspective on tourism’s economic contribution – a regional input-output analysis for Sweden

Kai Kronenberg, Matthias Fuchs, Maria Lexhagen

Previous studies on tourism input-output (IO) primarily focus on a single year’s snapshot or utilize outdated IO coefficients. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the…

Tourist’s preferences in selection of local food: perception and behavior embedded model

Muhammad Sabbir Rahman, Mahmud Habib Zaman, Hasliza Hassan, Chong Chin Wei

Locally derived foods from the lens of restaurant settings play an important source of tourist attraction. Surprisingly, research into this sector is quite scarce. The aim…

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