Tourism Review: Volume 66 Issue 4


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Board composition and CVB effectiveness: engaging stakeholders that can matter

Robert C. Ford, Amy R. Gresock, William C. Peeper

Identifying, attracting, and maintaining the engagement of the right composition of people for a non‐profit Board is a major challenge. Executives should ensure that their…

Price determinants of individual hotels: evidence from Milan

Ruggero Sainaghi

This article aims to identify average room rate (ARR) determinants of individual firms located in a destination.

Towards a comprehensive human resources module for tourism satellite accounts in Egypt

Mohammed I. Eraqi, Ayman M. Kasem, Suzan B. Hassan, Ahmad M. Ragab

This research paper aims to develop a comprehensive tourism satellite account‐human resource module (TSA‐HRM) which can complement and enhance the analytical capacity…


A sustainable tourism mobility passage

D.H.P. Verbeek, A. Bargeman, J.T. Mommaas

The European Alpine region is an important tourism destination that at the same time faces environmental challenges. In aiming for a sustainable development of Alpine…


Enhancing tourism destinations through promoting the variety and uniqueness of attractions offered by minority populations: an exploratory study towards a new research field

Harald Pechlaner, Sandra Lange, Frieda Raich

Minority areas, with their cultural distinctiveness and a strong tendency to cultivate and preserve cultural identities, can offer guests special added value as tourist…

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