Tourism Review: Volume 65 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Destination governance

Guest Editors: Harald Pechlaner, Frieda Raich, Pietro Beritelli

Governance: a review and synthesis of the literature

Lisa Ruhanen, Noel Scott, Brent Ritchie, Aaron Tkaczynski

Despite the proliferation of the governance concept in the broader academic literature, there is little agreement on definitions, scope and what actually constitutes…


Analysing tourism stakeholders networks

Angelo Presenza, Maria Cipollina

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the variety of relations existing in tourism networks, identified as complex and mutable entities, where a vast range of…


Park visitors' perceptions of governance: a comparison between Ontario and British Columbia provincial parks management models

Windekind C. Buteau‐Duitschaever, Bonnie McCutcheon, Paul F.J. Eagles, M.E. Havitz, Troy D. Glover

The purpose of the paper is to compare visitor perspectives of the governance of two of Canada's largest park systems: the parastatal model of Ontario Provincial Parks and…


Improving tourism destination governance: a complexity science approach

Rodolfo Baggio, Noel Scott, Chris Cooper

The growing interest in complexity science as a framework for understanding social and economic systems has had, in recent times, an influence on the study of tourism…


Archetypes of destination governance: a comparison of international destinations

Francesca d'Angella, Manuela De Carlo, Ruggero Sainaghi

The systemic nature of tourism products generates the need for a broad involvement of destination stakeholders in the destination management organization's (DMO…


Roles and opinions of primary and secondary stakeholders within community‐type destinations

Mariangela Franch, Umberto Martini, Federica Buffa

The purpose of this paper is to identify primary and secondary stakeholders for the development of community‐type destinations and to analyse how the difference in power…

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