Tourism Review: Volume 58 Issue 4


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Linking travel motivations with perceptions of destinations: The case of youth travelers in Alpine summer and winter tourism

Kurt Matzler, Hubert J. Siller

The youth travel market is an important market segment in terms of size and growth rates. Youth travelers, however, differ in their travel motivations from other market…


Effective destination marketing through market segmentation by travel and leisure activities

Philipp E. Boksberger, Torsten von Bartenwerffer

For tourism, significant research has been conducted in industry‐specific marketing. Basically, the topic of discussion is the effectiveness and efficiency of the…


Influence of an event on a destination's image — The case of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos/Switzerland

Rolf A. Erfurt, Julia Johnsen

Events, conventions and other meetings are one of the fastest growing sectors within the tourism industry. For many destinations events provide a large number of tourists…


Is VFR an independent target group? The case of Switzerland

Fabian Müri, Anaïs Sägesser

This paper makes a contribution to the exploration of the travel type “Visiting friends and relatives (VFR)”, which is a relatively new field of research. The demarcation…

Report on workshop I: How can sport activities contribute to sustainable tourism growth?

Tanja Mihalic

Within tourism, the role of sport is taking an increasingly greater role. Professional sports require travelling of athletes and their accompanying teams for competition…

Report on workshop II: How can sport events contribute to sustainable growth

Raf de Bruyn

Reto Rupf‐Haller presented the case of the environmental planning process adopted by the St‐Moritz region (Suisse) for the organisation of the FIS Alpine World Skiing…

Report on workshop III: Sport as a public good? What is the role of the state in the development of sports and tourism?

Andrea Macchiavelli

The workshop 3 was directed by Mme Origet du Cluzeau; it aimed to focus the role of the State in the development of sport and tourism and in which way the Public…

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