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Destinationsbenchmarking am Beispiel alpiner Wintersportorte: Korrektur einer tabelle

Christian Laesser, Thomas Willauer

A missunderstanding by the publishing house has lead to a number of mistakes in table 4 of the article of Matthias Fuchs. For a better understanding of the corresponding…

Introducing learning and adaptivity into web‐based recommender systems for tourism and leisure services

Josef A. Mazanec

Travel counseling and recommender systems on the Internet have not yet become smart enough to fulfill the elementary functions a fastidious consumer may expect. The…

Customer value management as a determinant of the competitive position of tourism destinations

Harald Pechlaner, Egon Smeral, Kurt Matzier

Destinations are strategic marketing units which consist of territorially delimited, consolidated areas of co‐operation. Options to improve a destination's competitive…


Swiss travel market — aspects of consumer behaviour in an aging travel market

Thomas Bieger, Christian Laesser

Switzerland with its seven million inhabitants, of which 20,1 % (BfS 2001) are non‐Swiss citizens, ranks among the top seven nations with respect of income per capita. Due…

Review of the concept of travel typologies: The case of Switzerland

Luca Graf, Christine Ossig

The study aims at reviewing the concept of travel typologies. For this purpose the two determination factors explaining travel behavior, motivation and destination choice…

Segmentation of the Swiss travel market by holiday activities

Paul A Ammann, Lukas Bischof, Felix Schalcher

This study attempts to segment the Swiss travel market based on holiday activities. It is based on data of the 2001 travel market in Switzerland. Cluster and discriminant…

Report on workshop I: The influence of air transport on destination development

Andreas Liebrich

Three case studies about tourism impacts caused by air travel were presented in the first workshop of the 44th AIEST‐conference. The three presenters were discussing the…

Report on workshop II: Air transport and sustainable tourism development

Lukas Bischof

Three case studies about “air transport and sustainable tourism development” were presented in the second workshop of the AIEST‐conference.

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