Tourism Review: Volume 56 Issue 3/4


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Tourist destinations as integrated systems

Andrea Macchiavelli

Market globalisation produces a very competitive scenario that affects mainly enterprises operating in very fragmented contexts. Tourist enterprises have difficulty in…


Quality requirements for aerial cableways and their services — The case of Switzerland

Hansruedi Müller, Jürg Michel

In recent years, the “experience” theme has increased in significance for tourism. For aerial cableways, the mountains provide natural experience zones, and hence a good…

Theoretical foundations or considerations regarding the growth of tourism enterprises

Klaus Weiermair

The paper attempts to answer the question as to the determinants of the typical size configuration of firms in Central Europe's hospitality industry. In discussing the…

“Scandinavian Winter”; Table additions to the corresponding article of Review of Tourism ♯1/2


A missunderstanding between the authors and the editors has lead to an unwilling exclusion of a number of figures. For a better understanding of the corresponding article…

51st AIEST Congress report from workshop I: Growth

Jörn W. Mundt

There were two questions the participants of the workshop were to answer against the back‐ground of three presentations. 1. Does tourism actually contribute to the…

51st AIEST Congress report from workshop II: Growth strategies

Dirk Glaesser

The theme of the second worbhop “Growth Strategies” caused a rich discussion among the participants on the factors influencing tourism development and consequently…

51st AIEST Congress report from workshop III: Sustainability and growth

Raf de Bruyn

Workshop 3 entitled “Sustainability and Growth” involved 4 speakers: Raija Komppula (Finland), Richard Prentice (England), Claude Origet du Cluzeau (France) and Luiz Trigo…

Towards a general theory of touristic experiences: Modelling experience process in tourism

Seppo K. Aho

Experiences are a main issue in tourism. However, the conceptual configuration of experiences in tourism has proved to be difficult. The English word ‘experience’ is…


Improving public‐private sectors cooperation in tourism: A new paradigm for destinations

Eulogio Bordas Rubies

Tourism policies and competitive tourism development 1.1 The goals and objectives. When devising the main policies implementing a destination's tourism development…

Le tourisme des années 2010

Claude Origet U Cluzeau, Patrick Viceriat

The paper deals with an evaluation of the future of international tourism and its impacts for french supplyers. This not only includes key economic actors but also the…

Perspektiven einer nachhaltigen Tourismuspolitik — Ein Diskussionsbeitrag

Christof Pforr

The paper aimes at sketching political aspects and implications of a sustainable tourism development, with the goal of contributing to an interdisciplinary discussion. A…

52nd AIEST Congress in Salvador de Bahia (Brasil) Call for special reports

The 52nd AIEST Congress will be held from 18 to 23 August 2002 in Salvador de Bahia (Brasil). The topic is “Air Transport and Tourism”. With growing travel distances air…

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