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“Scandinavian Winter”; Antecedents, concepts and empirical observations underlying a destination umbrella branding model

Arvid Flagestad, Christine A. Hope

This paper presents some aspects of branding the Scandinavian snow tourism product. The authors argue that the Scandinavian suppliers to the non‐Nordic market need a…

Measuring destination image an approach by an attribute‐based analysis

Martina G. Gallarza, Irene Cil Saura, Haydée Calderón García

Product image formation process is a valuable insight for correct understanding of consumer behaviour. When product is a tourism destination, image formation is even more…


The impacts of the 1999 avalanche and storm winter on the Suisse cable car industry

Christian J. Nothiger, Michael Bründl, Walter J. Ammann

During the analysis of the 1999 avalanche winter and of the winter storm Lothar on 26 December 1999, the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Davos…

The role of the railway with regard to mode choice in medium range travel

Thomas Bieger, Christian Laesser

This article examines Swiss people's transport means preferences in journeys over 100km. The study is based on a conditional survey research technique. When the decision…

Strategies on resort areas and their lifecycle stages

Konstantinos Andriotis

In the business level there are many empirical studies suggesting various market/product strategic options. There are also four stages of product lifecycle (introduction…


A study of Mainland China outbound tourism markets

Don Qun, Dou Jie

This paper gives a preliminary analysis of the development of mainland China's outbound tourism market, including national policy, classifications, main destinations…


Tourismus im Schweizerischen Nationalpark — Eine Chance für die Region?

Irene Küpfer, Hans Elsasser

National parks have many fondions. They serve as nature reserves and, at the same time, they provide excellent recreation opportunities for millions of people worldwide…

Challenging the present approach to heritage tourism: Is tourism to heritage places heritage tourism?

Yaniv Poria, David Airey, Richard Butler

Observing visitors' behaviour in places presenting heritage and reviewing the tourism literature dealing with ‘heritage’ tourism led to this research that is aimed at…


Destination 21 — A discussion contribution on a scheme for sustainable tourism development

Lars Nyberg

Destination 21 is a new national eco‐label for Danish tourism destinations established in 2000. It is intended to help destinations reach sustainable tourism development…

What are the tasks of the state in providing the framework for tourism?

Karl Socher

Governments of regions and nations as well as international and supra‐national institutions are actors in “direct” tourism policies. Besides these policies, these…

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