Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 9 Issue 2

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Child Care Service Quality Management Through the Evaluation of Efficiency at Child Care Centers: An Evaluation with Data Envelopment Analysis

Seung‐Min Song

This paper proposes a scheme to estimate the technical efficiency at child care centers for the less‐than‐three‐year‐old infants by Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and to…

An Exploratory Study on the Balanced Scorecard Model of Social Enterprise

Yoeng‐Taak Lee, Jae‐Young Moon

The purpose of this study is to develop BSC model of social enterprise. Performance analysis tool of BSC have been brought over from the business world, designed and…


An Investigation and Analysis of the Product Liability of Manufacturers in Shenzhen

Zhi‐ming LAN, HE Zhen

Product liability refers to the liability of producers, distributors and suppliers for consumers’ property losses or personal injury caused by that product. This paper…

The Critical Success Factors of Six Sigma in China Manufacturing Industry

Ma Yi‐zhong, Yue Gang, Wang Li‐lin, Sangbok Ree

Six Sigma has been one of main quality improvement approaches since Motorola first invented Six Sigma in 1987. Many scholars and consult experts have discussed the…

A Study of Environmental Management Investment Allocation

Shiaw‐Wen Tien, Ting‐Ting Chang, Yi‐Chan Chung, Ching‐Piao Chen, Chih‐Hung Tsai

The 21st century is a new century of environmental protection. Environmental protection is one of the most important subject matters yet to come. Moreover, as the public…

Research on Recognition of Graphic Symbols in Amusement Park: A Case Study of Taiwan’s Theme Amusement Park

Yao‐Wen Hsu, Yi‐Chan Chung, Ching‐Piao Chen, Chih‐Hung Tsai

Each amusement park has a wayfinding system, while symbols are important mediums to guide tourists to find their destinations. It is very important that whether the…

A Sustainable Strategy and Action Plan of Social Enterprise in Korea

Gye‐Soo Kim

Social Enterprise (SE) has a vital role to play in helping meet some main commitments for Korea‐growing economy; supporting stronger communities; closing opportunity…

Using Analytic Network Process to Construct Evaluation Indicators of Knowledge Sharing Effectiveness in Taiwan’s High‐tech Industries

Pang‐Lo Liu, Chih‐Hung Tsai

High‐tech industry has been the principal economic source for Taiwan in recent years. The characteristics of high‐tech industries in Taiwan are changeable product markets…

Comparison Analyses of Implementing 6 Sigma Management between China and Korea Companies: Korea side

Sangbok Ree, Yizhong Ma

In this paper, we survey Six Sigma in Korea company real fields. Six Sigma itself are developed depend on each company culture and strategy. Our country has been more than…

A Study on the Effect of the Improvement of Investment Environment with Investment Incentive on National Economy

Jae‐Young Moon, Won‐Hee Lee, Pyeong‐Rak Choi, Yung‐Ho Suh

This research is to investigate the effect of the improvement of investment environments with investment incentive on Korean national economy by looking into the foreign…

How does Efficiency in Service Business Influence Service Quality?

Seong Su Kim, Jungsuk Oh

In a service business, it is difficult to cope with all your customers’ needs. They come and go with various wants and when it comes to their own good there are…



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