Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 8 Issue 3


Managing Quality

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Analyzing Management Factors on Enterprise Performance

Jens J. Dahlgaard, Enrico Ciavolino

A sample of Italian manufacturing companies was selected in order to verify the abilities and effects (relationships) of the management factors human resources, leadership…

Identification of Performance Indicators for Poultry Agribusiness Operations

Kit Fai Pun, Anesa Hosein

Nowadays, the competitiveness of any organisations rests dominantly on how they can manage their performance. A host of performance variables such as quality, reliability…

Design for Six Sigma and Lean Product Development : Differences, Similarities and Links

Jean‐Baptiste Fouquet

Many practitioners strive to increase the efficiency of their product development. In addition, smaller companies must satisfy customers’ expectations of their product…

Measuring Top Management Commitment in SMEs: A Self‐Assessment Scale

Winston G. Lewis, Kit F. Pun, Terrence R.M. Lalla

This paper describes the development of a scale for measuring top management commitment towards continual quality performance improvement in small and medium‐sized…

Research on Current Execution of Customer Support Knowledge Management System of Medical Appliances Industry

Yi‐Chan Chung, Chih‐Hung Tsai, Shiaw‐Wen Tien, Lin‐Yi Lin

Customer Support Knowledge of Customer Support Organization is one of the important assets of enterprises and “Customer Support Knowledge Management” is also the critical…

Investigations Into More Exact Weightings of Customer Demands in QFD

H.‐A. Crostack, I. Hackenbroich, R. Refflinghaus, D. Winter

Apart from the customer demands themselves, the weightings of the customer demands are one of the main input data of a QFD (Quality Function Deployment) and furthermore of…

Research on the Correlation Effect of Innovation Activities on Innovators and Customers ˜ Using the IC Package and Testing Industries as an Example

Shiaw‐Wen Tien, Yi‐Chan Chung, Chih‐Hung Tsai, Chung‐Yun Dong

In the competitive global market, firms have to keep profit from innovation activities. A firm makes profits by offering products or services at a lower cost than its…

Patient Satisfaction as An Indicator of Service Quality In Malaysian Public Hospitals

Noor Hazilah Abd Manaf, Phang Siew Nooi

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is the major healthcare provider in Malaysia, although the service is also being complemented by the private sector which constitutes about…

Research on the Critical Factors Affecting Taiwan Secondary School Teachers’ Initial Acquisition of Formal Teaching Position

Shiaw‐Wen Tien, Chung‐Ching Chiu, Chih‐Hung Tsai, Yi‐Chan Chung, Ya‐Chin Chang

This research treated the secondary school teachers as the research scale and the research targets included the following: secondary school (employ unit), center of…

Using Analytic Network Process to Establish Performance Evaluation Indicators for the R&D Management Department in Taiwan’s High‐tech Industry

Pang‐Lo Liu, Chih‐Hung Tsai

The high‐tech industry is the economic lifeline for Taiwan. Its characteristics are short product life cycle, rapid changes in the market, and a high obsolescence rate for…

A Study on a Methodology of Integrating Lean DFSS and Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) in ISO/TS16949

Sok Kwon, Kang Koon Lee, Young H. Park

Many 6‐sigma innovation companies are obtaining ISO9000 series or ISO/TS16949 certifications. However, not many of them have considered the integrated management of ISO…

An Efficient and Easy Discretizing Method for the Treatment of Noise Factors in Robust Design

Antonio Lanzotti, Amalia Vanacore

In this work, an efficient and easy statistical method to find an equivalent discrete distribution for a continuous random variable (r.v.) is proposed. The proposed method…



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