Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 8 Issue 2


Managing Quality

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Peculiarities of Education Quality Assurance in Lithuania

Juozas Ruzevicius, Roma Adomaitiene, Dalius Serafinas, Daiva Daugviliene

Achievement of objectives of education and training is one of significant factors influencing quality of life. Higher education institutions use different work, teaching…

Decision on Quality Investment Level Under Moral Hazard Environment

Zhang Cui‐hua, Yu Hai‐bin

Moral hazard and adverse selection often exist in asymmetric information environment. In this paper, quality investment decision problem is studied under moral hazard. A…

Analysis of Production Process Improvement with Life Cycle Assessment Technology˜ Example of HDPE Pipe Manufacturing

Shiaw‐Wen Tien, Chung‐Ching Chiu, Yi‐Chan Chung, Chih‐Hung Tsai, Chin‐Fa Chang

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) aims to analyze possible impact upon manufacturing process and availability of products, and also study the environmental considerations and…

What Companies do not Know About Self‐assessment : Self‐assessment in Germany

Carina Burkhard

In Germany Quality Management awards and thus self‐assessment are well known and popular‐at least amongst quality management professionals. About 2000 companies have…

Analysing the Meaning of Quality Management in Cross‐border Business Cooperations by using Benchmarking Methodology

Maurice Bäsler, Matthias Voigt, Ralf Woll

Benchmarking is more than just a comparison of measures about different company’s performance in a wider sense. It is a methodology of learning‐comparing‐learning, at…

Research on the Effects of Knowledge Management Capabilities and Knowledge Sharing Mechanisms on New Product Development Performance in Taiwan’s High‐tech Industries

Pang‐Lo Liu, Chih‐Hung Tsai

High‐tech industries in Taiwan exist in an environment with diverse product requirements and intense cost reduction and information integration stress. They must develop…

National Process of Quality Management Education : the Swedish Example

Raine Isaksson, Jonas Hansson, Rickard Garvare

The application of a process view, as complement to the traditional functional division, is often a way to highlight organisational improvement potential. This paper…

Evaluating Service System Alternatives via a Computer Simulation‐enabled MCDM Framework

Wei‐Jaw Deng, Wen Pei, Chih‐Hung Tsai

Decision makers in the service industry must effectively cope with queuing problems, service capacity optimization, service efficiency and service quality problems. This…

Degree of Overlapping Design Activities in Vehicle Development : A System Dynamics Approach

Sangdon Lee, Ik Sung Lim

The vehicle development process (VDP) is iterative in nature with numerous interactions and information flows between design groups and between development phases. The VDP…

Research on the WIP‐based Dispatching Rules for Photolithography Area in Wafer Fabrication Industries

Yu‐Hsin Lin, Chih‐Hung Tsai, Ching‐En Lee, Chung‐Ching Chiu

Constructing an effective production control policy is the most important issue in wafer fabrication factories. Most of researches focus on the input regulations of wafer…



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