Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 8 Issue 1


Managing Quality

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The Added‐Value Metric ‐ A Complementary Performance Measure for Six Sigma and Lean Production

Djoko Setijono, Jens J. Dahlgaard

The Six Sigma and Lean Production methodologies suggest that creating value for customers is the objective of a production process or an organisation. In the production…

Selecting Improvement Projects that Add Value to Customers

Djoko Setijono, Jens J. Dahlgaard

This paper presents a methodology to nominate and select improvement projects that are perceived as adding value to customers (both internal and external). The structure…

The Effects of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in Case of Dissatisfied Customers

Byung‐Suh Kang, Chul‐Ho Cho, Jong‐Deuk Baek

In this study, we investigated the effects of service quality on customer satisfaction in education service industry, focusing on the opinion of dissatisfied customers who…

Using Balanced Scorecard to Explore Learning Performance of Enterprise Organization

Chung‐Ching Chiu, Chih‐Hung Tsai, Yi‐Chan Chung

In the early industrial age which with high intensity of machine and labor, using financial measurement index was good enough to tie in company’s mechanization and…

The Service Recovery Strategies, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty

Gye‐Soo Kim

This paper reports on a study investigating key attributes of service recovery strategies in internet shopping mall. In theses day, service recovery has received important…

Dynamic COQ Model for Different Quality Levels

Yumin Liu

A COQ model plays an important role in the total quality cost survey. Based on the methodology of continuous quality improvement, a dynamic COQ model for different quality…

Research on Value Creativity of Taiwan’s Small and Medium‐sized Enterprises

Shiaw‐Wen Tien, Yi‐Chan Chung, Chih‐Hung Tsai, Chia‐Hsiang Hsieh, Hung‐Hsi Chen

This research probes into the execution of small and medium‐sized enterprises’ value creativities by a difference analysis with different classifications, different…

Crisis of Capitalism and Ethics Management of Enterprise

Jong‐Woon Lee, Sangbok Ree

Author considered the contradiction of Capitalism and its Solution, systemized the concept to newly define Ethics Management and social Responsibility whose various…

The Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Implementation for Laser Marking Process Improvement: A Case Study

Wei‐Jaw Deng, Chung‐Ching Chiu, Chih‐Hung Tsai

Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) is a preventive technique in reliability management field. The successful implementation of FMEA technique can avoid or reduce the…



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