Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 7 Issue 3


Managing Quality

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Risk Structure Analysis for Cost of Capital: A Demonstrative Study using Financial Indices

Feng Ling, Tomomichi Suzuki, Yoshikazu Ojima

Economic value added (EVA) is introduced on two levels: as index for evaluation of corporation and as index for evaluation of business unit. In the latter case…

Ordering Policy for Planned Maintenance with Salvage Value

Young T. Park, Sun Jing

A spare ordering policy is considered for planned maintenance. Introducing the ordering, uptime, downtime, inventory costs and salvage value, we derive the expected cost…

Research on the Relationship Between the OHSAS 18000 System Implementation and Competitiveness in Taiwan’s Industries

Yi‐Chan Chung, Chung‐Ching Chiu, Chih‐Hung Tsai, Yau‐Wen Hsu

In recent years, the labor consciousness is gradually valued. During the process of pursuing sustainable operation, the enterprises treat occupational hazard risk as the…

Optimization in Multiple Response Model with Modified Desirability Function

Young Hun Cho, Sung Hyun Park

The desirability function approach to multiple response optimization is a useful technique for the analysis of experiments in which several responses are optimized…

The Neural‐Network Approach to Recognize Defect Pattern in LED Manufacturing

Wen‐Chin Chen, Chih‐Hung Tsai, Shou‐Wen Hsu

This paper presents neural network‐based recognition system for automatic light emitting diode (LED) inspection. The back‐propagation neural network (BPNN) is proposed and…

Improving the Quality of Customer Service of Electrical Power Supply using an Integrated Outage Management System

M.K.S. Sastry

An Integrated Outage Management System (IOMS) is a utility owned, centralized information system. Using the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) methodology…

A Study on the Creative Value Innovation Strategy and Creative Value Design

Kang Koon Lee, Young H. Park

In order to achieve sustainable growth in the era of global competitiveness, a speedy and flexible strategy is needed in the fast changing management environment. For this…

A Set of Simplified Assessment Criteria for the Malcolm Baldrige Model

Shin Wan Seon, Na Seung Kyun

This research deals with the determination of 25 key assessment questions (KAQ) from the Baldrige criteria. It first investigates the performance of all the examination…

Adopting a National Innovation Approach for Agro‐Sustainability: A Case Study

Clement K. Sankat, Kit F. Pun, Cavelle B. Motilal

Nowadays, agro‐firms are confronted with competition from global suppliers in both domestic and export markets. Such competition in sustainable agro‐operations is expected…

An Economic‐Statistical Design of Moving Average Control Charts

Fong‐Jung Yu, Hsiang Chin, Hsiao Wei Huang

Control charts are important tools of statistical quality control. In 1956, Duncan first proposed the economic design of x‐control charts to control normal process means…



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