Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 6 Issue 2


Managing Quality

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The Free Flow of Excellence Toward the Field‐Being Approach to TQM

Dusan Pavlovic

The concept of Total Quality Management may be perceived from different philosophical perspectives. In this paper we shall present a view on TQM from the perspective of…

The Role Effect Loyalty of Internet: A Causal Model

Gye Soo Kim

The Internet can provide benefits obtained from changing the structure of a business, such as emphasizing the importance of different types of personnel. In addition, the…

A Modified Target Costing Technique to Improve Product Quality from Cost Consideration

Hsin‐Hung Wu

The target costing technique, mathematically discussed by Sauers, only uses the Cp index along with Taguchi loss function X − R control charts to set up goal control…

Managing Knowledge Creating Relationships

Sean Gadman

The internet is enabling a new economy based on the networking of human knowledge. While the benefits of connecting people to people, people to information and people to…

Corporate Reengineering for MRPII Implementation: Via a Hierarchical Modelling Approach

Jimmy S.F. Chang, K.Y. Chau, Y.K. Chan

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) is one kind of manufacturing information system that can help manufacturing companies gain competitive advantages. It is estimated…

What do you Think Creativity is and Where can We Find it?

Claudio Baccarani

Creativity can be defined as an art, the art of finding new solutions to old and emerging problems. Creativity’s driving force may be a structured or a non structured…

The Optimal Parameter Design of CD‐R Substrate

Jhy‐Ping Jhang, Shi‐Hao Lin

In recent years, high‐speed recording CD‐R has already become the mainstream of CD‐R market. Therefore, to promote the efficiency of recording CD‐R is of significant…

A Further Development of TQM Model: Meeting Organisational Development Needs

Y.K. Chan, Jimmy S.F. Chan, K.Y. Chau

While there are many successful cases where application of the TQM model has reaped substantial benefits, there is little attempt to further develop the TQM model to meet…

Development of a Quality Manual for a Research and Educational Centre: A Case Study

Kit Fai Pun, Ruel L.A. Ellis, Laverne Chan

There have been growing concerns about whether proper measures are in place to ensure the delivery of quality services and the operations in research and educational…

Analysis for the Causal Relationship of Education Quality Factors in Korea

Jinchoon Lee, Hong‐Woo Lee

The purpose of this study is to analyze the causal relationshipk in the perspective of Total Quality Management, among the education quality factors, which were suggested…



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