Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 5 Issue 1

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QFD as a Tool to Improve Quality Control in a Complex Manufacturing Environment

Mikael Bäckström, Håkan Wiklund

The paper outlines a comprehensive three‐step approach to the development of advanced strategies for quality control of a complex machining process. The research framework…

New System for Environmental Management Evaluation

Tsuyoshi Kametani

In Japan, where ISO14001 certifications have passed the 10,000 mark, the need for environmental management has taken firm root among companies. However, in the small‐ and…

Service Quality Design through a Smark Use of Conjoint Analysis

Stefano Barone, Alberto Lombardo

In the traditional use of conjoint analysis, in order to evaluate the relative importance of several elements composing a service, interviewed customers are asked to…

A Hybrid Approach to Statistical Process Control

Massimiliano Giorgio, Michele Staiano

Successful implementation of statistical process control techniques requires for operational definitions and precise measurements. Nevertheless, very often analysts can…

The Compensation of Machine Vision Image Distortion

Yi‐Chin Chung, Yau‐Wen Hsu, Yu‐Tang Lin, Chih‐Hung Tsai

The measured values of a same object should remain constant regardless of the object’s position in the image. In other words, its measured values should not vary as its…

Critical Success Factors of Supplier Quality Management

I‐Ki Yeung, Kwai‐Sang Chin

Supplier quality management (SQM) is considered as a proactive approach in the buyers’ perspective to seek for continuous supply quality improvement and collaborative…

Modelling the Failure Rate Function in Coverage and Software Reliability Growth

Yoong‐Yang Park, Young Soon Kim, Jae Heung Park

There is a new trend of incorporating software coverage metrics into software reliability modelling. This paper proposes a coverage‐based software reliability growth…



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