Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 3 Issue 2

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Quality‐Sustainable Way to Business Excellence

Yoshio Konda

Quality is distinguished from the other important management indicators, cost and profitability, by the features of its far longer history and of common concern to both…

Beyond robust design: an example of synergy between statistics and advanced engineering design

Stefano Barone, Pasquale Erto, Antonio Lanzotti

Higher efficiency and effectiveness of Research & Development phases can be attained using advanced statistical methodologies. In this work statistical methodologies are…

A Structured Approach for Integrating Technology and Business Strategies

Park, Young Hyun

This paper presents a framework for processing a structured approach of R&D investment. It presents nine steps to operate R&D investment from analysis of environment…

Continuous Improvement Through Integration of Quality Tools

Zhen He, Ershi Qi, Zixian Liu

Continuous quality improvement is now the focus of research and application in quality engineering. To achieve continuous improvement, it’s necessary to integrate quality…

The Effects of Imprecise Measurement on the Economic Asymmetric X and S Control Charts

Su‐Fen Yang

The presence of imprecise measurement may seriously affect the efficiency of process control and production cost. A cost model is derived to determine the design…

A Proposed Self‐assessment Framework for Measuring and Benchmarking Organizational Performance

Kit Fai Pun, Karis Ka Yan Ho, Hongyi Sun

Recent interests in total quality management (TQM) and business excellence (BE) had been fuelled with a range of national and regional awards. These awards are being…


Dynamic Process Capability Indices

Jing Sun

Process capability indices as an important kind of indices are intended to provide single‐number assessments of the inherent process capability to meet specification…

Logistic Performance Measure Cubic Model in Logistic Industry

Ree, Sangbok

In this paper, we propose new performance measure model in logistic industry. New model has been learned by key points of PZB model and advanced structure of MBNQA which…


A Panoramic Review and Vision on “Integration” for Quality Management

Guijiang Duan, Xiaoqing Tang, Kwai‐Sang Chin

The issues of “Integration” in quality management and related fields have been discussed for a few years. Literature review reveals that this is a large and…

Neural and MTS Algorithms for Feature Selection

Chao‐Ton Su, Te‐Sheng Li

The relationships among multi‐dimensional data (such as medical examination data) with ambibuity and variation are difficult to explore. The traditional approach to…


Selecting Six Sigma Projects

Hasan Adpolat, Jichao Xu

The quality improvement methodology Six Sigma gained enormous international popularity in the past few years, mainly due to its successful implementation at General…

A Hybrid QFD Framework for New Product Development

Y.C. Tsai, K.S. Chin, J.B. Yang

Nowadays, new product development (NPD) is one of the most crucial factors for business success. The manufacturing firms cannot afford the resources in the long…

Six Sigma and the Cost of (Poor) Quality

Lou PE Magritzer, Jichao Xu

Any suggestion’s Six Sigma program may be at high risk without heeding the lessons learned from the past and that tries to operate without a robust business foundation. A…

A Comparison of Consumer Behaviors in China and Taiwan

Ching‐Chow Yang

The purpose of this research is mainly to make an analysis and comparison of the purchasing behaviors of consumers in Mainland china and Taiwan. We precede this research…



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