Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 3 Issue 1

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Comparison of Linear Trend on Control Charts

Sinsup Cho, Jeong Hyeong Lee

On control chart, one may use regression, cusum and exponential smoothing methods to detect any change in the trend of the process. When the data is observed with equally…

Knowledge‐enriched Process FMEA Model For Process Planning

Lian Yu Zheng, Kwai Sang Chin, Li Wei

Most process FMEA systems in the market simply fill out the worksheet/form, and can not effectively express, organize, and utilize process failure knowledge of production…

An Empirical Study of Employee Involvement, Total Quality Management and Organisational Performance in Manufacturing Enterprises

Kit Fai Pun

Recent studies advocate that there is a positive relationship between levels of employee involement (EI) and the productivity and long‐term financial performance of…

Screening Synchronously Occurred Multiple Abnormal Quality Characteristics in a Silicon Wafer Slicing Process

Chin‐Tsai Lin, Chie‐Bein Chen, Che‐Wei Chang

Silicon wafer slicing manufacturing process exhibits several characteristics. They are: (1) the product type is small batch production, (2) saw cutting must be very…

Process Capability Evaluation for a PVC Pipe Product Family

M.L. Huang, K.S. Chen, R.K. Li

Process capability indices can be viewed as convenient and excellent tools to measure and define process output. Several capability indices including Cp, Cpu, Cpl, Cpk, Cpm

Integration of Design of Experiments into Quality Function Deployment

Jing Sheng, Zhen He, Xing Shi

Quality Functioni Deployment (QFD) is a useful planning process in new product development. It achieves the maximum custom satisfaction through translating Voice of the…

Integrated Management Systems – Quality, Environment and Safety

Hasan Akpolat, Jichao Xu

The implementation of management systems such as the quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems to the national and/or international…

Application of TRIZ to Inventory Management

Seong‐Dae Kim, Young‐Taek Park

Since there are fundamental contradictions in difficult engineering problems, most solutions have been trade‐offs between conflicting requirements. In those cases, an…

Quality Management based on ERP

Jing Sun

Many enterprises didn’t ask to involve the module of Quality Management in ERP system, even an enterprise having implemented ERP successfully thought about to implement…

A Framework for Developing Customer Satisfaction Evaluation System: An Empirical Illustration

Te‐King Chien, Chao‐Ton Su

Customer satisfaction is one of the important goals of Total Quality Management (TQM). The outcome of a customer satisfaction activity has a decisive effect on an…

A Multivariate Discriminator for Process Drift

Yumin Liu, Jichao Xu, Hasan Akpolat

Multivariate Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (MEWMA) chart is a control chart under multivariate process based on the idea of EWMA that rapidly detects small…

The Study for Principles and Conceptual Models of Quality Management in Virtual Enterprise

Su Qin, Xu Bei

Virtual enterprise is considered as the leading enterprise paradigm of 21st century. Based on the study of a lot of literature on VE, this paper summarizes 7 hypotheses…

A Process Model for Deciding Elderly Care

Tomomichi Suzuki, Takayuki Imai, Toru Yaezawa, Tadahiro Wakasugi, Yoshinori Iizuka, Yoshikazu Ojima

Care to an older person is provided based on the care plan that was made by a care manager. Therefore, to improve the quality of elderly care, the quality of the care plan…



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