Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 2 Issue 2

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A Study of ISO9000 Implementation and Quality Management Practices in Hong Kong Construction Industry

T.W. Choi, K.S. Chin

Many studies reported that some organizations experience benefits of quality as well as the productivity due to the implementation of ISO9000. However, there are…

A Classification Techniques For Quality Improvement

Xu Jichao, Liu Yumin, Zhang Li

As we know, the quality of processes is technically depicted by variation, a product or process with the best quality must naturally require the variation as less as…

A Matlab Approach To Evaluate Product Quality

Hsin‐Hung Wu

This study uses MATLAB as a programming tool and applies the bootstrap method to process capability analysis. The advantage of using MATLAB in bootstrap method is to make…

Usability as a Hidden Dimension of Quality

Young‐Taek Park, Chae‐Heung Park

As the products which innovated usability have succeeded in the market, the usability of products is now considered as a new dimension of product design. This paper deals…

A Study on Quantification of Kano’s Quality Model

Kentaro Yasuda, Assushi Ootaki, Yasutaka Kainuma

This paper proposes a method for quantifying the types of quality elements proposed by Kano; namely: attractive quality, one‐dimensional quality, and must‐be quality…

Copper thickness and thermal reliability of microvias produced by laser‐assisted seeding (LAS) process in printed circuit board (PCB) manufacture

E.S.W. Leung, W.K.C. Yung

The laser‐assisted seeding (LAS) process has potential to replace conventional electroless copper plating in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing since it combines…

A Prototyping Framework of the Documentation Retrieval System for Enhancing Software Development Quality

Wen‐Kui Chang, Tzu‐Po Wang

This paper illustrates a prototyping framework of the documentation‐standards retrieval system via the data mining approach for enhancing software development quality. We…

Scheduling for improving productivity of the automated manufacturing system

Jungsang Choi, Gilsang Jang

In this paper jobshop scheduling problem was considered on automated manufacturing systems with the closed loop and unidirectional material handling system. The objective…

Construction of New Concept of Symmetric Coordinated Use of Both Hands

Wang Donghua

Based on the creative education theory, the study of the symmetric coordinated use of both hands is the application of both the quality education ideal and the…

Statistical Process Analysis of Medical Incidents

Norio Suzuki, Sojiro Kirihara, Atsushi Ootaki, Masanori Kitajima, Shinobu Nakamura

Personnel engaged in the medical field have implemented continual improvement by team activities in an effort to construct a system that reduces the risks involved in…

Economic Adjustment Design for X Control Chart: A Markov Chian Approach

Su‐Fen Yang

The Markov Chain approach is used to develop an economic adjustment model of a process whose quality can be affected by a single special cause, resulting in changes of the…

A Learning Experience from ISTO Examination

Nigel Croft, Young Hyun Park

The revised ISO9000 family of standards represents a significant improvement on the 1994 version and, if implemented well within organizations, should facilitate the…



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