Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 2 Issue 1


Managing Quality

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The Efficiency Evaluation of Total Quality Management in the Korean Industry with Data Envelopment Analysis

Hanjoo Yoo

As all the other managerial activities, total quality management (TQM) has also inputs into and outputs from the process. Therefore, the principal managerial efficiency…

Total Quality Management in Taiwan’s Telecommunication Industry

Chao‐Ton Su, Chih‐Ming Hsu, Shih‐Yuan Hung

Following the trend of global telecommunication liberalization, the telecommunication industry in Taiwan will be a star industry and grow up quickly in the future. This…

The Same Distribution Principle and Its Applications

Yumin Liu, Jichao Xu

In this paper, the same distribution principle is developed based on the studies with many years for short run processes. The quality control philosophy and background of…

An On‐Line Real‐Time SPC Scheme and Its Performance

Ken Nishina

This paper considers a recent environment in the manufacturing process in which data in large amounts can be obtained on‐line in real‐time. Under this environment an…

Economic Design of the Specification for Geometrical Quality Characteristic

Ma Zizong, Zhao Fengyu Xu Jichao

The economic design of specification limits must be determined on an economic basis where we minimize total loss to society, which consists of both the producer and the…

Six Sigma: A Fascinating Business Strategy and Its Contributions for Quality Innovation

Sung H. Park

Six Sigma was introduced into Korea in 1997, and it is regarded as a fascinating management strategy in many Korean companies. First of all, the reasons why Six Sigma is…

Economic Design of a Moving Average Control Chart with Multiple Assignable Causes when Two Failures Occur

Yun‐Shiow Chen, Fong‐Jung Yu

The economic design of control charts has been researched for over four decades since Duncan proposed the concept in 1956. Few studies, however, have focused attention on…

Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing – A Merger for Worldclass Performance, but is it Really Talking Place?

Dag Kroslid

More than a decade after their development and first wave of deployment, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing have recently returned on the corporate agendas of a larger…

Cases Studies on Total Productive Management and Competitive Advantages

Li Chang‐Chung, Tsai Ping‐Chen

The purpose of business strategy is to achieve competitive advantages which includes higher efficiency, better quality, more innovation and faster customer response. In…

Cost Estimation for ISO 9000 Certification in Japanese Companies

Shu Yamada

It is widely recognized that ISO 9000 certification bring some profits, such as enhancement of quality system and some concerns. Since one of the major concerns is cost…

Economic Adjustment Design for X Control Chart: A Markov Chain Approach

Su‐Fen Yang

The Markov Chain approach is used to develop an economic adjustment model of a process whose quality can be affected by a single special cause, resulting in changes of the…



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