Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 10 Issue 3


Managing Quality

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Robust Multi‐response Parameter Design based on RSM

Zhen He, Peng F. Zhu, Jing Wang, S.H. Park

This paper discusses multi‐response robust parameter design problems based on response surface method. Most research effort on multi‐response parameter design problem…

An Experimental Study to Improve Due‐date Performance

Mei‐Ting Wang, MRong‐Kwei Li, Ching‐Piao Chen, Hsien‐Ching Chen, Chih‐Hung Tsai

Due‐date performance (DDP) is a very important performance indicator for the companies. Thus, companies with a high hit rate would have greater competitive advantage; on…

Applying the Principle of Maximum Entropy in Bayesian Prior Distribution Assignment

Mingshun Song, Xinghua Fang, Wei Wang

Under the prior information that upper and lower bounds of the random quantity are symmetric with respect to the best estimate, this paper analyses the Bayesian prior…

Quality Management Strategy in Supply Chain for Performance Improvement

Soo W. Kim

The premise of this paper is that coordination between market‐related diversification strategies and supply chain management (SCM) strategies will lead to better…

Autocorrelation's Effect on Process Capability Analysis

Jianfeng Yang

The deviation of process output is usually estimated through the range or deviation of the sub‐samples in the calculation of process capability indices (PCI) in quality…

Customers' Behavioral Intentions in the Service Industry: An Empirical Study of Taiwan Spa Hotels

Iuan‐Yuan Lu, Jerry Yuwen Shiu

In this study we identified the process how consumers chose a particular hotel for spa service which was appropriate for themselves under such intensely competition among…

Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Chart for Skewed Distribution

Wang Hai‐yu

Exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) control chart can be designed to quickly detect small shifts in the mean of a sequence of independent normal observations. But…

A Sampling Policy for the Reduction of Quality Cost and Improvement of Accepted Percentage in Company L

Marvin Rothwell, Eui Park, Daebeom Kim

The reduction of the time and resources spent inspecting product is critical to the success of Company L's continued resourcing efforts. The use of Mil‐Std and other…



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