Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 1 Issue 1

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Quality Management in Korea ‐ Past and Present Situations and Future Desirable Directions

Sung Hyun Park

First of all, this paper deals with the past and the present situations of quality management (QM) in Korea to show where the Korean industry stands in terms of QM…

Super Strict Quality Requirements of the 21st Century and Its Influence on the Industry of CHINA

Jing Sun, Gongxu Zhang

The famous US quality management expert J.M. Juran pointed out on the American Quality Congress of ASQC in 1994, that the 20th century is a century of productive force and…

The design and use of multiple cusum scheme

Chuen‐Sheng Cheng, Sheng‐Su Cheng

Control charts are widely used for both manufacturing and service industries. Traditional Shewart control chart is a very simple procedure, it works well for detecting…

The Requirements on statistical techniques in QS‐9000

Shu Yamada

QS‐9000 was established by Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and some Truck Manufacturers to solve problems of efforts to prepare original standards for each company. When we…

Design Criterion for Estimating Mean and Variance Functions

Yong B. Lim

In an industrial process, the proper objective is to find the optimal operating conditions with minimum process variability around the target. Vining and Myers (1990…

A survey for research and application of quality science in CHINA

Jichao Xu

Quality science may be defined as the subject promoting both quality and productivity, which may include quality management, quality engineering and technology innovation…

A Test For Trend Change in Failure Rate Using Censored Data

Jae Joo Kim, Hai Sung Jeong, Myung Hwan Na

The problem of trend change in the failure rate is great interest in the reliability and survival analysis. In this paper we develop a test statistic for testing whether…

A Practice on performance testing for web‐based systems Hyperlink testing for web‐based system

Wen‐Kui Chang, Shing‐Kai Hon

This paper investigates the issue of performance testing on web browsing environments. Among the typical non‐functional characteristics, index of link validity will be…

Self‐evaluation model for TQM activity

Hiroshi Osada, Masahiko Yamazaki

Objective evaluation is necessary for the company to know the level of its TQM activity and to improve it. This article proposes self‐evaluation model for TQM activity…

Control chart pattern recognition using average of cumulative sum

Chuen‐Sheng Cheng, Shin‐Jia Chen

The statistical process control chart is a monitoring technique useful in determining whether a process is behaving as intended or if there are some unnatural causes of…

A Procedure for Robust Evolutionary Operations

Yongyun B. Kim, Jai‐Hyun Byun, Sang‐Gyu Lim

Evolutionary operation (EVOP) is a continuous improvement system which explores a region of process operating conditions by deliberately creating some systematic changes…

A Technique and software of analysis and control for measurement process

Zhao Fengyu, Jichao Xu, Bo Bergman

In this paper, a two‐section method for measuring is introduced and the variation soruces of measurement process are analysed. Measuring is a special process. Various…

Change of Stock Earning Rate on Korean Quality Award Recipients: The comparison between KQA Index and Baldridge Index

Yung‐Ho Suh, Hyun‐Soo Lee

The purpose of this research is to understand the effects of Quality Management Award on stock prices movement and to examine the comparative advantages of quality award…



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