Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society: Volume 18 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Digital Inequalities: Contextualizing Problems and Solutions

Guest Editors: Laura Robinson, Massimo Ragnedda, Jeremy Schulz

Risking identity: a case study of Jamaica’s short-lived national ID system

Hopeton S. Dunn

This paper aims to expose the challenges facing the attempt by Jamaica to introduce a new digital ID system without adequate regard to public consultation and the rights of…

Distributed pool mining and digital inequalities, From cryptocurrency to scientific research

Hanna M. Kreitem, Massimo Ragnedda

This paper aims to look at shifts in internet-related content and services economies, from audience labour economies to Web 2.0 user-generated content, and the emerging model of…

Digital media, disability and development in the Anglophone Caribbean-social and ethical considerations

Floyd Morris

In 2006, the United Nations established the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. Simultaneously, the UN has adopted the sustainable development goals in 2015 and…

Technology and accessibility in global governance and human rights: the experience of disability rights advocates

Filippo Trevisan, Derrick L. Cogburn

International organizations are working on an unprecedented number of development initiatives relevant to people with disabilities. This makes it essential for the global…

The COVID-19 pandemic: new concerns and connections between eHealth and digital inequalities

Aneka Khilnani, Jeremy Schulz, Laura Robinson

Telemedicine has been advancing for decades and is more indispensable than ever in this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic. As shown, eHealth appears to be effective for…


Digital divide in light of religion, gender, and women’s digital participation

Ruth Tsuria

This paper aims to argue for the importance of considering religious and cultural background as informing participant's access and attitudes towards digital media.

Confirming the links between socio-economic variables and digitalization worldwide: the unsettled debate on digital divide

Farooq Mubarak, Reima Suomi, Satu-Päivi Kantola

This study aims to statistically verify the links of income and education with information and communication technology (ICT) diffusion across 191 countries of the world taking…


Broadband adoption in urban and suburban California: information-based outreach programs ineffective at closing the digital divide

Lloyd Levine

The digital divide has persisted in California and the USA as a whole at approximately the same level for the past decade. This is despite multiple programs being created and…

How do we understand “meaningful use” of the internet? Of divides, skills and socio-technical awareness

Laura Hosman, Martin Andrés Pérez Comisso

Information and communications technologies (ICTs) have transformed the lives of many people around the world, yet billions remain unconnected. While many initiatives attempt to…

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