Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society


Information and Knowledge Management

Table Of Contents: Volume 16 Issue 3

The fabric of digital life

Andrew Iliadis, Isabel Pedersen

This paper aims to examine how metadata taxonomies in embodied computing databases indicate context (e.g. a marketing context or an ethical context) and describe ways to…

Building common ground in a wildly webbed world: a pattern language approach

John Charles Thomas

The purpose of this paper is to help bridge the digital divide that arises from people having such different viewpoints that little communication is possible, even though…

An Uber ethical dilemma: examining the social issues at stake

Florence M. Chee

This paper aims to engage with the social issues emerging from the increasing reliance upon app-driven services, as they pertain to precarious labor and ethical…

#Palestine2Ferguson a community created through words

Darrian Robert Carroll

The purpose of this essay is to highlight how the digital age makes visible community expression and organization on an international scale.

Teaching students out of harm’s way

Esther Charlotte Moon

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how changes in K-12 educational delivery methods in the USA impacts students as 1:1 device programs become a required tool for…

Digital footprints: an emerging dimension of digital inequality

Marina Micheli, Christoph Lutz, Moritz Büchi

This conceptual contribution is based on the observation that digital inequalities literature has not sufficiently considered digital footprints as an important social…

Social control and the institutionalization of human rights as an ethical framework for media and ICT corporations

Katharine Sarikakis, Izabela Korbiel, Wagner Piassaroli Mantovaneli

This paper is concerned with the place of human rights in the process of technological development but specifically as this process is situated within the…

Navigating the tension between scale and school context in digital college guidance

Zoe Corwin, Tattiya J. Maruco

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the potential of digital tools to address the significant challenge of increasing access to college and outline challenges and…

Detecting racial bias in algorithms and machine learning

Nicol Turner Lee

The online economy has not resolved the issue of racial bias in its applications. While algorithms are procedures that facilitate automated decision-making, or a sequence…



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