Management of Environmental Quality: Volume 19 Issue 4


An International Journal

Table of contents - Special Issue: Selected Papers from the 4th Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment

Guest Editors: Professor Nikola Ruinski, Professor Natalija Koprivanac, Dr Slaven Dobrovi, Dr Gordana Stefanovi

Modelling rapid climate changes and analysing their impacts

Sadik Bekteshi, Skender Kabashi, Ivo Šlaus, Aleksander Zidanšek, Dimitrij Najdovski

The purpose of this investigation is the modeling of rapid climate changes (RCC) and analysis of their impacts in ecological and economic systems, in particular, their…

Utilization of energy from thermal treatment of sludge

J. Boran, L. Houdkova, V. Ucekaj, P. Stehlik

The purpose of this paper is to compare well‐known technologies of sludge utilization on the basis of energy and economical balances of real processes. The calculations…


A case study of fuel savings through optimisation of MSW transportation routes

Gilberto Tavares, Zdena Zsigraiova, Viriato Semiao, Maria da Graça Carvalho

The high costs of collection and transportation of municipal solid waste (MSW) on the overall waste management budget (sometimes more than 75 per cent) makes it an issue…


A heat atlas for demand and supply management in Denmark

Bernd Möller

The objective is to describe and evaluate the development of a novel planning tool for end‐use efficiency in the built environment and for infrastructural changes in the…

An optimal electricity allocation model for the effective utilisation of energy sources in India with focus on biofuels

S. Jebaraj, S. Iniyan, L. Suganthi, Ranko Goić

Renewable energy sources are likely to play a major role in meeting the future energy requirement of a developing country like India. Among the various renewable energy…


Entropy analysis of metal production and recycling

Stefan Gößling‐Reisemann

The paper attempts to address both resource consumption and recycling effectiveness, using concepts from thermodynamics: entropy production for evaluating the costs…

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