Management of Environmental Quality: Volume 14 Issue 4


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SWARD: decision support processes for the UK water industry

D. Butler, P. Jowitt, R. Ashley, D. Blackwood, J. Davies, C. Oltean‐Dumbrava, G. McIlkenny, T. Foxon, D. Gilmour, H. Smith, S. Cavill, M. Leach, P. Pearson, H. Gouda, W. Samson, N. Souter, S. Hendry, J. Moir, F. Bouchart

In industrialised countries water service providers (WSPs) must provide an appropriate level of service with an acceptable performance at an acceptable cost to customers…


The environmental implications of electronic commerce: A critical review and framework for future investigation

Sajed M. Abukhader, Gunilla Jönson

There are accelerating trends for the implementation of electronic commerce (e‐commerce) as an extra marketing channel for selling products globally via the access of the…


Development process analysis of water shortages and their impact on future water supplies

Mohd Arip Kasmo

Water supply is closely linked to forests. In developing countries, especially those in the tropics, large forest areas are cut down for timber, agriculture and…


The cost of meeting the Kyoto Protocol: Dealing with the carbon surplus in Russia and the Ukraine

Tobias A. Persson, Christian Azar

Estimates the cost of meeting the Kyoto Protocol with an energy‐economic optimization model. Special focus is on the Russian and Ukrainian and the potential implications…


Considerations on the worldwide use of bioethanol as a contribution for sustainability

Luís A.B. Cortez, Michael W. Griffin, José A. Scaramucci, Mirna I.G. Scandiffio, Oscar A. Braunbeck

The use of ethanol from biomass as a gasoline substitute in cars and light trucks is possibly one of the most attractive and feasible alternatives to deal with global…


Defining environmentally acceptable flow downstream intake structures in Croatia

Stjepan Mišetić, Željko Pavlin, Milorad Mrakovčić, Vedran Jurić

Determining minimum water flows that will continuously run through a natural channel downstream of a water intake (Q0) is a multidisciplinary problem. It is, however, not…

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