Clinical Governance: An International Journal: Volume 9 Issue 4


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NICE guidelines and law: clinical governance implications for trusts

Ash Samanta, Jo Samanta

Clinical guidelines from National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) have been developed by a rigorous process using the highest‐level evidence base. Their objectives…

Consent for paediatric surgery: what are the risks?

Suzette Woodward, Linda Franck, Duncan Wilcox

A total of 63 parents whose children underwent urological surgery at a tertiary referral specialist paediatric hospital were surveyed at three times points: immediately…

Can single‐stop carpal tunnel syndrome assessment clinics reduce waiting time to surgery?

R.S. Bassi, S.G. Haidar, A.K. Gupta, A.K. Sinha, S.C. Deshmukh

At the one‐stop carpal tunnel syndrome clinic, patients undergo neurophysiological studies followed by clinical assessment by the orthopaedic consultant on the same day…

Developing a multi‐professionally agreed list of adverse events for clinical incident reporting in trauma and orthopaedics

Sally Giles, Gary Cook, Michael Jones, Brian Todd, Margaret Mason, Kieran Walshe

The aim of this study was to develop a multi‐professionally agreed list of adverse events, which may act as a prompt for clinical incident reporting in trauma and…

Quality and cost improvement in neonatal prescribing through clinical audit

Jayesh Bhatt, Christine Nye, Vincent Kirkbride

Gentamicin is one of the most frequently used antibiotics in neonatal units and there are many regimes in use based on weight and/or gestational age (GA). Direct costs…

Multidisciplinary hospital antibiotic stewardship: a West London model

Fiona J. Cooke, Bryony Dean Franklin, Wendy Lawson, Ann Jacklin, Alison Holmes

Antibiotic resistance presents a major public health challenge at local, national and international levels. At a local level, the challenge is to tackle the antibiotic…

The effectiveness of orthopaedic triage by extended scope physiotherapists

Paul Hattam

Improving the management of the orthopaedic patient has long been a top priority in healthcare provision in the UK. For the past two decades, successive governments have…

The teaching and use of a mnemonic to improve the management of shoulder dystocia

Alexander E.P. Heazell, Nighat R. Bhatti

Aims to assess the benefits of using a mnemonic to structure the care given during episodes of shoulder dystocia, an obstetric emergency that has important sequelae for…

It is the best of news, it is the worst of news . . .

David Birnbaum

There are noteworthy international convergences in recent guiding documents for infection control and other patient safety programs. Although these bode well for raising…

Safety in numbers: moving to a standard crash‐call number

Chris Ranger

The Department of Health and the Cabinet Office's Regulatory Impact Unit want to eliminate unnecessary bureaucratic burdens on front‐line NHS staff. They asked the…



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