Clinical Governance: An International Journal: Volume 9 Issue 1


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Disseminating and implementing guidelines: how feasible is it?

Paula Whitty, Ruth Thomas, Jeremy Grimshaw

Discusses the feasibility of disseminating and implementing guidelines in routine practice, informed by discussions with senior actors in the field of guidelines…

Developing research skills for clinical governance: a report of a trust/university provided short course

Sandra Mathers, Richard Abel, Rosemary Chesson

Despite the fact research is a foundation stone of clinical governance little attention has been focused on the relationship between the two. Describes here a course for…

Organisational change through clinical governance: the West Midlands three years on

Louise M. Wallace, Matthew Boxall, Peter Spurgeon

Clinical governance is an organisational approach to improving the quality of clinical services. A survey was conducted of 33/40 NHS trusts 2.5 to three years after a…

An audit of the management of emergency surgical admissions in Wales: are we keeping pace with the trend?

L. Barthelmes, H. Kakkilaya, L.R. Jenkinson

Over the last 20 years surgery has undergone significant change in the UK and emergency admissions are now beginning to exceed elective cases. There has also been…

How important are quality and safety for clinician managers? Evidence from triangulated studies

Jeffrey Braithwaite, Donald Hindle, Terence P. Finnegan, Elizabeth M. Graham, Pieter J. Degeling, Mary T. Westbrook

Aims to discover the work hospital clinician managers think they do and observe them in practice. A total of 14 managerial interests and concerns were identified in focus…

General practitioners’ assessments of hospital quality and performance

Russell Mannion, Maria Goddard

An increasing amount of data on the quality and clinical performance of NHS hospital Trusts is entering the public domain, however there has been no research looking at…

An integrated pathway of care (IPOC) in obstetric anaesthesia

P.E. Shannon, J. Collins

States that the traditional model of obstetricians seeing all pregnant women and directing their care is changing due to a recognised need for anaesthetists to provide…

Health technology assessment within a public accountability framework

Arminée Kazanjian, Carolyn J. Green

Health technology assessment (HTA) has been identified as a national priority by a wide range of decision‐makers at the same time that a provincial cost constraint process…

Clinical Governance Support Team: patients as a virtue

Debbie Wall, Suzanne Window

A core objective of the NHS Clinical Governance Support Team (CGST) is to enable the NHS to improve the experience of patients and staff. In its programmes the CGST…

The new GMS contract, risk and clinical information

Jane Cowan

Assesses the impact of the new General Medical Services (GMS) contract for general practice in risk‐management terms. Looks at the relationship between risk management and…



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