Clinical Governance: An International Journal: Volume 8 Issue 2


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Bacterial meningitis: audiological follow‐up – closing the audit cycle

Renee McCulloch, Katherine Martin, Clare Robertson

Sensorineural hearing loss is a common sequel of bacterial meningitis in childhood and hearing assessment post‐meningitis is therefore essential. An audit performed of…

The forgotten wait: official waiting times often misleading

Vanessa Pope, Peter A. Sykes

Official waiting times rarely take account of the wait for investigations needed prior to determining what treatment to offer. A postal survey was carried out of hospitals…

Cardiovascular health of immigrant women: implications for evidence‐based practice

Julia Wong, Shirley Wong

There is a dearth of information on the cardiovascular health of immigrant women. The present study analyzed the dataset from the National Population Health Survey to…

Auditing the medico‐legal aspects of notekeeping for Caesarean section

A.J. Corner

In the UK, obstetric surgery is commonly performed with the patient awake and her partner present. Patient expectations are high. Even under high quality regional…

Prevent medication errors on admission

Karen Dutton, Neil Hedger, Simon Wills, Pauline Davies

The aim of this study is to quantify prescribing errors relating to pre‐admission medication in patients admitted to hospital. It also assesses the impact of a hospital…

Evaluating two different methods of documenting care plans in medical records

Gustav From, Lone Mark Pedersen, Jette Hansen, Morten Christy, Thomas Gjørup, Niels Thorsgaard, Hans Perrild, Olaf Bonnevie, Anne Frølich

Evaluates care plans documented in two different ways, using controlled and randomised studies of consecutive acutely admitted medical patients. Within 24 hours after…

A multi‐centre audit of two determinants of the efficacy of emergency plastic surgery patient management: “fasting times” and “injury to theatre time”

Ankur Pandya, Ian Grant, Nitin Vaingankar, Mark Human, Simon Huang, Maggie Waters, N.K. James

Two prospective synchronous regional audits involving three tertiary plastic surgery units in mixed service hospitals were carried out to study delays in the management of…

Hidden in plain view: the importance of professional nursing care

Ann E. Tourangeau, Patricia W. Stone, David Birnbaum

Examines health‐care restructuring activities undertaken across North American hospitals over the past decade related to hospital care by nursing professionals (i.e…

People will support what they help to create: clinical governance large group work

Amanda Hedley, Sharon Fennell, Debbie Wall, Ron Cullen

The NHS Clinical Governance Support Team (CGST) has completed a pilot “protected‐time programme”, supported by a small team of national facilitators and delivered locally…

Functioning as a team? The role of NCEPOD reports in clinical risk management

Jane Cowan

Since 1990, the National Confidential Enquiry into Perioperative Deaths (NCEPOD) has published a total of 14 reports. These are intended to assist clinical staff in…



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