Clinical Governance: An International Journal: Volume 19 Issue 1


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First do no more harm …

David Birnbaum

The purpose of this article is to alert those in positions of trust and authority that there is an urgent need for improvement throughout the entire health profession…

Achieving standards for unscheduled surgical care

Kirsten McArdle, Edmund Leung, Neil Cruickshank, Veronique Laloe

The Royal College of Surgeons published Standards for Unscheduled Surgical Care in response to variable clinical outcomes for emergency surgery. The purpose of this study…

Clinical audit on treatment of depression in CAMHS

Pallab Majumder, Lina Gatsou, Alistair Hay

The purpose of this audit cycle was to compare the clinical practice of treating children and adolescents with moderate to severe depression with the NICE guidelines. The…

From knife to paper: an audit of surgical communication

Brian Ip, Chern Beverly Brenda Lim, Satvinder Chauhan, Douglas Black

– The paper aims to assess the quality (content and legibility) of handwritten operation notes and the reader's interpretation of legibility by clinical seniority.

CGIJ review

Fiona MacVane Phipps

– The purpose of this review is to enable readers of the journal to gain a quick over-view of articles published in this issue.



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