Clinical Governance: An International Journal: Volume 16 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Health Informatics in Clinical Governance

Improving patients' satisfaction through more effective utilization of operating rooms resources: An informational‐based perspective

José Ferreira, Carlos Gomes, Mahmoud Yasin

This paper aims to present an applied research effort aimed at re‐engineering the utilization practices of operating rooms for a public Portuguese hospital. This…

The use of a mandatory best practice reminder in the electronic record improves influenza vaccination rate in a pediatric rheumatology clinic

Anjali Patwardhan, Kelly Kelleher, Dennis Cunningham, James Menke, Charles Spencer

Children with rheumatic disease, who are infected with influenza, have an increased rate of complications. These complications can be reduced by improving the flu…

Implementing and adopting electronic health record systems: How actor‐network theory can support evaluation

Kathrin Cresswell, Allison Worth, Aziz Sheikh

This paper aims to outline an approach to study the implementation and adoption of information technology systems in healthcare.

Clinical governance, education and learning to manage health information

Beverley Ellis, John Howard

This paper aims to suggest that the concept of clinical governance goes beyond a bureaucratic accountability structure and can be viewed as a negotiated balance between…

Current use of electronic medical records in primary care of chronic disease: The implications for clinical governance

Nicola Shaw, Victoria Aceti, Denise Campbell‐Scherer, Marg Leyland, Victoria Mozgala, Lisa Patterson, Shanna Sunley, Donna Manca, Eva Grunfeld

This paper aims to explore the perceptions of facilitators and barriers to their using electronic medical records (EMRs) for these functions and contributes baseline data…



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