Clinical Governance: An International Journal: Volume 12 Issue 4


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Acute medical assessment/admission units: clinical performance indicators

Peter Thomas, K. Makinde, A. Watkins, A. Gupta

The purpose of this study is to explore the patterns of referral, reasons for admission or discharge from acute medical assessment/admission units (AMAUs) and the reasons…

Intrapartum fetal monitoring and the spectre of litigation: A qualitative study of midwives' views

Carol Hindley, Ann M. Thomson

The routine use of intrapartum electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) has resulted in an increased burden of operative and vaginal instrumental deliveries for women at low…

Improving safety in intravesical therapy for high‐risk superficial bladder cancer

Paul H. Rajjayabun, Jenny Gould, Claire Peterson, Debbie Pickford, Peter W. Cooke, Brian Waymont

Intravesical therapy (IVeT) plays an increasingly important role in contemporary management of “high‐risk” superficial bladder cancer. Through audit this study aims to…

The cataract service satisfaction tool: Development and validation of a new tool to assess patient satisfaction with cataract services

Mallika Karthikeyan, Annegret H. Dahlmann‐Noor, Nitin Gupta, Anthony J. Vivian

Client satisfaction is an important outcome measure of healthcare services. The aims of the present work are to develop a tool to assess client satisfaction with the…

Clinicians' and managers' responses to patients' complaints: A survey in hospitals of the Milan area

Roberto Natangelo

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the analysis of complaints lodged by patients and how the complainants' letters are handled by health boards and clinicians.

Implementing NICE guidelines: the difficulties

Abhijit Basu, Amanda Bellis

This purpose of this study is to look at the availability of routine antenatal anti‐D prophylaxis (RAADP) in the maternity units within the North‐west Deanery, England…

Visionary or hallucinatory workplace opportunities

David Birnbaum

The paper aims to discuss discrepancies between recruiting representation versus workplace reality.

Complaints in primary care arising from bereavement

Jane Cowan, Julie Wilson

The purpose of this paper is to review a sample of complaints referred to MPS in order to throw light on the relationship between bereavement and complaints directed at…



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