Clinical Governance: An International Journal: Volume 11 Issue 2


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Differentiating between research, audit and quality improvement: governance implications

Sarah L. Hill, Neil Small

In the context of changes in the priority given to ensuring that health care is evidence‐based, and that service quality should be maximised, there is a new emphasis on…

High rate of inappropriate referrals to specialised day case unit for immunisation

K. Thattakkat, S. Jayakumar, N. Sharief

Seeks to assess whether referrals for immunisation as day cases are appropriate and to identify any adverse events following hospital‐based immunisation.

Cancellation of urology operations

Jyoti Shah, Aamir Ansari, Joya Bhattacharyya

To establish the reasons for surgical cancellations in a urology department and to provide suggestions for their reduction.

Paediatric surgery fluid management audit (January‐June 2004), John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

T. Hall, K.K. Lakhoo

To ensure that paediatric surgery patients receive appropriate intravenous fluids post‐operatively.

New frontiers and approaches to clinical governance

Sam Sheps

Seeks to explore conceptual approaches and training paradigms that are necessary to counter new challenges in the face of new concepts and tools to assess and mitigate…

Resuscitation: turning guidelines into practice

Jane Cowan, Jonathan Haslam

The purpose of this article is to assess important recent guidelines on resuscitation, published in December 2005.



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