Clinical Governance: An International Journal: Volume 10 Issue 1


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Building community partnerships for diabetes primary prevention: lessons learned

Julia Wong, Shirley Wong, Swarna Weerasinghe, Lydia Makrides, Thelma Coward‐Ince

To describe the process of building partnerships between a health professional group (university‐based researchers and organizations from within and outside the health…

Clinical effectiveness: a structured teaching approach for junior doctors

G.M. Bashir, R. Henderson, K. Henderson

To formulate an effective teaching prog ramme in the principles of clinical effectiveness for junior doctors, with simultaneous participation in a clinical audit project…

Developing surgical site infection surveillance within clinical governance

Samantha Hogg, Nicola Baird, Judith Richards, Sean Hughes, John Nolan, Adrian Jones, Alison Holmes

To describe orthopaedic surgical site infection (SSI) surveillance models at two English pilot sites, and to review their effectiveness and integration into clinical governance.

Audit: efficiency of fast‐tracking hip fractures from accident and emergency

Mujahid Ali Syed, Faisal Mahmood, Palanisamy Ramesh

To analyse the implementation of fast‐tracking pathway of hip fractures from accident and emergency to the orthopaedic wards.

Talking towards excellence: a theoretical underpinning of the dialogue between doctors and managers

Thomas Plochg, Niek S. Klazinga

To explore theoretically the reasons for the modest uptake of clinical governance practices by taking the literature on the origin of tensions between doctors and managers…

Increased transplant opportunity following improved definition of patient sensitisation

Brendan Clark, Susan Martin, Sarah Dalton, June Cole, Neil Marsden, Charles G. Newstead

The paper is targeted to health service management teams as an aid to understanding the relationship between investment in process redesign in a clinical laboratory…

Are head injury guidelines being met?

Anna Campbell, David Reilly

To assess how the 2003 NICE guidelines about head‐injured patients are implemented at a large district general hospital, and how the existing shortfalls might be improved.

Clinical audit and the implementation of the Ottawa Ankle Rules

V. Jennings, C. Newton, K. Bonner, R. Hancock

To implement the research‐based Ottawa Ankle Rules in a district hospital and audit their impact on the number and appropriateness of X‐rays for ankle injuries in A&E.

The Patients Accelerating Change Project: does it make any difference?

Grace Sweeney, Bridget O'Hagan, Sarah Squire, Caroline Powell

The purpose of this survey was to evaluate the impact and experience of the Patients Accelerating Change (PAC) project from the perspective of 28 people who were closely…

Cataract surgery: reducing risk through better practice

Jane Cowan, Sean Kavanagh

A guideline to the practice of cataract surgery was produced in 2004 by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. This complemented a guideline to best practice produced in…



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