Journal of Health Organization and Management: Volume 30 Issue 1


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Sustaining organizational culture change in health systems

Cameron David Willis, Jessie Saul, Helen Bevan, Mary Ann Scheirer, Allan Best, Trisha Greenhalgh, Russell Mannion, Evelyn Cornelissen, David Howland, Emily Jenkins, Jennifer Bitz

The questions addressed by this review are: first, what are the guiding principles underlying efforts to stimulate sustained cultural change; second, what are the…

Benchmarking management practices in Australian public healthcare

Renu Agarwal, Roy Green, Neeru Agarwal, Krithika Randhawa

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the quality of management practices of public hospitals in the Australian healthcare system, specifically those in the…

Contradicting logics in everyday practice: The complex dynamics of performance management and professionalism in Norwegian nursing homes

Margrethe Kristiansen, Aud Obstfelder, Ann Therese Lotherington

Performance management is criticised as a direct challenge to the dominant logic of professionalism in health care organisations. The purpose of this paper is to report an…

Measuring effective capacity in an emergency department

Björn Lantz, Peter Rosén

The purpose of this paper is to show how elements from queueing theory can be used to obtain objective measures of effective capacity in the triage function at Skaraborg…

Improving care coordination using organisational routines: Care pathways as a coordination mechanism

Thim Prætorius

The purpose of this paper is to systematically apply theory of organisational routines to standardised care pathways. The explanatory power of routines is used to address…

Between substance and governance: Healthcare governance and the limits to reform

Helen Dickinson, Jon Pierre

Many developed countries have seen significant reforms of their health systems for the last few decades. Despite extensive investment in these changes, health systems…

Planes, straws and oysters: the use of metaphors in healthcare reform

Ross Millar, Helen Dickinson

– The purpose of the paper is to examine the metaphors used by senior managers and clinicians in the delivery of healthcare reform.

Quality improvement in large healthcare organizations: Searching for system-wide and coherent monitoring and follow-up strategies

Elisabet Höög, Jack Lysholm, Rickard Garvare, Lars Weinehall, Monica Elisabeth Nyström

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the obstacles and challenges associated with organizational monitoring and follow-up (M & F) processes related to health…

Investigation of nurses’ intention to leave: a study of a sample of UK nurses

Andrew Robson, Fiona Robson

– The purpose of this paper is to provide an evaluation of the key antecedents of leave intention demonstrated by nurses employed in UK National Health Service (NHS).

Entrepreneurs ' perspective on public-private partnership in health care and social services

Janne Sinisammal, Pekka Leviäkangas, Tommi Autio, Elina Hyrkäs

– The purpose of this paper is to probe experiences of entrepreneurs in the social and health care service provision.

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