Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship: Volume 4 Issue 3


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Seeing Differently, Acting Differently? New Venture Perceptions and Decisions of Managers and Successful Entrepreneurs

John W. Mullins, David Forlani, Richard N. Cardozo

An experimental study was conducted in a sample of America’s most successful entrepreneurs and one of comparable large company managers to examine three research questions: Why do…

The Need for a New Paradigm for Small Business Marketing? What is Wrong with the Old One?

Paul Lewis Reynolds

The entrepreneurial marketing paradigm is open to several interpretations. One such is that we should consider, in particular, the behaviour of small firms, and in particular…

Cluster Theory and Practice: Advantages for the Small Business Locating in a Vibrant Cluster

Adrian T.H. Kuah

This paper seeks to review the state of knowledge to this much talked‐about paradigm, first made famous by Porter (1990). Clusters are a striking and common feature in today’s…


Screening For Successful Low‐Budget Marketing Strategies For New Ventures

Stanley F. Stasch

Based upon a study of between fifty to sixty case examples of new venture start‐ups, the author presents a screening procedure for entrepreneurs to use when evaluating whether a…

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