Journal of Intellectual Capital: Volume 5 Issue 3


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Assessing intellectual capital creation in regional clusters

Aino Pöyhönen, Anssi Smedlund

To provide a theoretical model of the dynamics of intellectual capital creation in regional clusters and in inter‐organizational networks. The model has been constructed on the…


Intangibles: A synthesis of current research

Lutz Kaufmann, Yvonne Schneider

Intangibles are becoming increasingly important to the scientific community as well as the business world. This is mainly due to a highly competitive business environment combined…


Intellectual capital: Measurement effectiveness

Gopika Kannan, Wilfried G. Aulbur

Intellectual capital (IC), knowledge management and intangible assets are important factors in determining the value of an organization, as reflected in the growth of the…


Introducing intellectual potential – the case of Alfa Laval

Carl‐Henric Nilsson, David Ford

Intellectual capital has gained increasing attention concerning both research and more practically oriented applications during the past five years. Intellectual Capital and other…


Social capital benchmarking system: Profiting from social capital when building network organizations

José María Viedma Marti

In knowledge economy, companies and organizations build sustainable competitive advantages not only relying on their internal intellectual capital but also on the intellectual…


Intellectual capital: Mapping employee and work group attributes

E. Carson, R. Ranzijn, A. Winefield, H. Marsden

This paper aims to extend the understanding of human and structural capital as key components of intellectual capital by refining their definitions and outlining their…


Consumer originated value: A framework for performance analysis

Kent Byus, William L. Lomerson

While the marketing concept provides the strategic motivation that continues to turn American business towards the marketplace, little attempt has been made to create a metric…


University R&D&T capital: What types of knowledge drive it?

Arturo Rodríguez Castellanos, Jon Landeta Rodríguez, Stanislav Youlianov Ranguelov

In universities, an important part of intellectual capital is the research‐ development‐transfer capital (R&D&T capital), due to the process of creation of scientific and…


Disclosing intellectual capital in company annual reports: Evidence from Malaysia

Pek Chen Goh, Kwee Pheng Lim

Companies around the world are recognizing the importance of intellectual capital (IC) and its significant contribution towards adding higher value to its products or services…

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