Journal of Intellectual Capital: Volume 4 Issue 3


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Evaluating intellectual capital in the hotel industry

Truls E.J. Engström, Petter Westnes, Siren Furdal Westnes

A single embedded case study design was applied to evaluate the intellectual capital of 13 hotels in the Radisson SAS Hotels and Resorts hotel chain. By using the ICAP methodology…


The impact of reputation capital on the career paths of departing employees

Monika Hamori

This paper examines the impact of corporate reputation capital on employees' career progression in the case of inter‐organizational transitions. A proprietary database that…


From implementing strategy to embodying strategy: Linking strategy, identity and intellectual capital

Anna Rylander, Joe Peppard

For most knowledge‐intensive companies at present, the business environment where they compete is complex, characterized by rapid change and uncertainty. Employees and other…


Validating and measuring IC in the biotechnology and telecommunication industries

Daniel Palacios‐Marqués, Fernando José Garrigós‐Simón

This paper specifies how to construct and validate an intellectual capital (IC) measurement scale on the basis of management perceptions. In order to construct the scales, a…


Intellectual capital and traditional measures of corporate performance

Steven Firer, S. Mitchell Williams

The principal purpose of this study is to investigate the association between the efficiency of value added (VA) by the major components of a firm's resource base (physical…


Distinguishing between the board and management in company mission: Implications for corporate governance

Chris Bart, Nick Bontis

A relationship between board/management “involvement” and “awareness” with organizational mission and their link to “employee commitment” and “organizational performance” was…


An empirical evaluation of option pricing in intellectual capital

Sanjoy Bose, Kok‐Boon Oh

The investments in intellectual capital by firms in the knowledge economy are a critical driver for growth, profitability and competitiveness. This paper reviews the basic…


The IC‐dVAL approach

Ahmed Bounfour

Over the last five years several frameworks have been suggested for the development of corporate' competitive advantage, on the basis of their intangible resources. These…

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