Journal of Intellectual Capital: Volume 4 Issue 1


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Strategic alliances: a valuable way to manage intellectual capital?

Somnath Das, Pradyot K. Sen, Sanjit Sengupta

Considers two forms of strategic alliances, technological and marketing, and examines how these alliances foster formation and maintenance of intellectual capital. Empirical…


Technological knowledge and firm performance of pharmaceutical firms

P.N. SubbaNarasimha, Sohel Ahmad, Sudhirkumar N. Mallya

How efficient are firms at utilizing their technological knowledge stocks? In this paper we focus on a firm's breadth and depth of technological knowledge and investigate their…


The intellectual capital web: A systematic linking of intellectual capital and knowledge management

Albert Z. Zhou, Dieter Fink

The twenty‐first century knowledge driven economy has seen increasing importance being placed on maximising the organisation's intellectual capital (IC). At the same time…


Should there be corporate concern?: Examining American university intellectual property policies

Cory R. Fine, James Ottavio Castagnera

Academia is an industry like many of those in the private sector. It produces valuable patents, copyrights and other intellectual property. Consequently, the “research for sale”…


Intellectual capital reporting in Spain: a comparative view

Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos

In the knowledge economy, caracterized by complex and dynamic competitive environments, knowledge‐based resources represent the true source of sustained competitive advantage for…


Human interaction: the critical source of intangible value

David O'Donnell, Philip O'Regan, Brian Coates, Tom Kennedy, Brian Keary, Gerry Berkery

In this theoretical, empirical and occasionally speculative paper we argue that human interaction is the critical source of intangible value in the intellectual age. This argument…


The concept of knowledge and how to measure it

Darwin P. Hunt

Knowledge is often defined as a belief that is true and justified. This definition has led to its measurement by methods that rely solely on the correctness of answers. A correct…

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