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Understanding project success involving analytic-based decision support in the digital era: a focus on IC and agile project management

Stephan Kudyba, Agnel D Cruz

Digital transformations of business processes are on the rise and the result is a need for a better understanding of how the elements of intellectual capital (IC) play a role in…

Managing the tradition and innovation paradox of the agribusiness industry: the impact of the network on operating, financial and social performance

Andrea Rey, Giovanni Catello Landi, Francesco Agliata, Mavie Cardi

The paper aims to investigate the role of the network in managing the tradition and innovation paradox in the agribusiness industry. In particular, this study aims to demonstrate…

How open innovation drives intellectual capital to superior organizational resilience: evidence from China's ICT sector

Jia Ju

Open innovation is regarded as the driven factor for organizational resilience, but open innovation's role and effect mechanism in leveraging organizational resilience has been…

Modeling intellectual capital-based intrapreneurial ability of working professionals through servant leadership and self-efficacy

Puja Khatri, Sumedha Dutta, Preeti Kumari, Harshleen Kaur Duggal, Asha Thomas, Ilaria Cristillo, Silvio Nobis

Intrapreneurial ability (IA) of employees strengthens an organization's internal as well as external growth. Employees' IA makes innovation a continuous practice and augments…

Intellectual capital's contribution to innovative female agri-start-ups: a multiple case study

Giuseppe Modaffari, Niccolò Paoloni, Martina Manzo

Women-led enterprises can count on intellectual capital (IC) to implement a knowledge exchange process, improve managerial skills and provide themselves with more certain and…

Intellectual capital and employee innovative behavior in cross-border e-commerce enterprises: the moderating role of career sustainability

Tachia Chin, Wei Zhang, I.M. Jawahar

To cope with intensifying uncertainties coupled with the rapid advancement of information communication technology (ICT), understanding how to encourage employees' innovative…

Innovating from university–industry collaboration: the mediating role of intellectual capital

Ximing Yin, Fei Li, Jin Chen, Yuedi Zhai

University–industry (UI) collaboration is essential for knowledge and technology exchange between higher education institutions and industries, enabling enterprises to accelerate…

Connecting the dots: a serial mediation of intellectual capital and organizational ambidexterity between high-performance work system and innovation performance

Saad Hassan, Saqlain Raza, Muhammad Faisal Malik, Amir Ishaque, Mahin Fiza

Achieving innovation performance (IP) through high-performance work system (HPWS) remained relatively unexplored. Literature on the HPWS-IP linkage mechanism raises a question…

The role and evolution of knowledge network-based intellectual capital in the corporate university

Yunqi Chen, Liqing Zhou, Yichu Wang

The purpose of this study is to explore the knowledge network-based intellectual capital of corporate universities and its co-evolution process with knowledge management…

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