Journal of Intellectual Capital: Volume 13 Issue 3


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Towards a critical societal knowledge management

Jonna Käpylä

The purpose of this paper is to tackle the problem of societal knowledge management from the perspective of critical management research. The focus is on national intellectual…


A methodology to assess value creation in communities of innovation

Michele Grimaldi, Livio Cricelli, Francesco Rogo

The purpose of this paper is to present a methodology to assess the capacity of communities of innovation (CoI) to improve the value creation process. The methodology consists of…


Exploring the policy relevance of national intellectual capital information

Henna Salonius, Antti Lönnqvist

National intellectual capital (IC) measurement models produced by academics provide potentially valuable information for policy making. However, there is a lack of research…

National intellectual capital performance: a strategic approach

Jonna Käpylä, Paula Kujansivu, Antti Lönnqvist

The paper concerns the research problem of how to analyse the performance of a knowledge society as a whole, and in particular, of how to analyse national intellectual capital…


Value relevance of voluntary disclosure: evidence from Turkish firms

Ali Uyar, Merve Kılıç

The purpose of this paper is to examine whether or not listed Turkish companies’ voluntary disclosure practices are value‐relevant in the capital market.


Intellectual capital disclosure trends: some Malaysian evidence

Abdifatah Ahmed Haji, Nazli A. Mohd Ghazali

The purpose of this paper is to examine the trend of intellectual capital disclosures (ICD) over a three‐year period (2008‐2010), when the Malaysian business environment was…


Intellectual capital information and stock recommendations: impression management?

Subhash Abhayawansa, James Guthrie

The purpose of this paper is to investigate what and how intellectual capital information (ICI) conveyed through analyst reports varies by the type of stock recommendation. It…


Dynamics of Chinese emerging multinationals in cross‐border mergers and acquisitions

Artie W. Ng, Jay Chatzkel, K.F. Lau, Douglas Macbeth

China's emerging multinationals (CEMs) have gained attention for their increasing activities in mergers and acquisitions (M&As) within the global arena. Harnessing previous…

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