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Situated algorithms: a sociotechnical systemic approach to bias

Claude Draude, Goda Klumbyte, Phillip Lücking, Pat Treusch

The purpose of this paper is to propose that in order to tackle the question of bias in algorithms, a systemic, sociotechnical and holistic perspective is needed. With reference…


Antagonistic bias: developing a typology of agonistic talk on Twitter using gun control networks

Jose Marichal, Richard Neve

The purpose of this paper is to apply Connolly’s (2003) concept of agonistic respect to develop a typology of agonistic/antagonistic discourses on Twitter. To develop the…

An investigation of biases in web search engine query suggestions

Malte Bonart, Anastasiia Samokhina, Gernot Heisenberg, Philipp Schaer

Survey-based studies suggest that search engines are trusted more than social media or even traditional news, although cases of false information or defamation are known. The…

Algorithmic equity in the hiring of underrepresented IT job candidates

Lynette Yarger, Fay Cobb Payton, Bikalpa Neupane

The purpose of this paper is to offer a critical analysis of talent acquisition software and its potential for fostering equity in the hiring process for underrepresented IT…


Integrating selection-based aspect sentiment and preference knowledge for social recommender systems

Yoke Yie Chen, Nirmalie Wiratunga, Robert Lothian

Recommender system approaches such as collaborative and content-based filtering rely on user ratings and product descriptions to recommend products. More recently, recommender…

Influence of informational factors on purchase intention in social recommender systems

Xue Yang

Social recommender systems have recently gained increasing popularity. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the influences of informational factors on purchase intention in…


Profile reliability to improve recommendation in social-learning context

Corinne Amel Zayani, Leila Ghorbel, Ikram Amous, Manel Mezghanni, André Péninou, Florence Sèdes

Generally, the user requires customized information reflecting his/her current needs and interests that are stored in his/her profile. There are many sources which may provide…

Context-aware restricted Boltzmann machine meets collaborative filtering

Jingshuai Zhang, Yuanxin Ouyang, Weizhu Xie, Wenge Rong, Zhang Xiong

The purpose of this paper is to propose an approach to incorporate contextual information into collaborative filtering (CF) based on the restricted Boltzmann machine (RBM) and…

Phones, privacy, and predictions: A study of phone logged data to predict privacy attitudes of individuals

Isha Ghosh, Vivek Singh

Mobile phones have become one of the most favored devices to maintain social connections as well as logging digital information about personal lives. The privacy of the metadata…

“My smartwatch told me to see a sleep doctor”: a study of activity tracker use

Zablon Pingo, Bhuva Narayan

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the use of wearable health and fitness trackers in everyday life, and users’ motivations and their understanding and use of the data…


Comparison of the change in interpretative stances of lifelog photos versus manually captured photos over time

Ahreum Lee, Hokyoung Ryu

The purpose of this paper is to explore how people differently create meaning from photos taken by either a lifelogging camera (LC) (i.e. automatic capture) or a mobile phone…

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