Online Information Review: Volume 43 Issue 6


Table of contents - Special Issue: Data Power

Guest Editors: Ysabel Gerrard, Jo Bates

Datafication, dataveillance, and the social credit system as China’s new normal

Claire Seungeun Lee

The purpose of this paper is twofold: first, to explore how China uses a social credit system as part of its “data-driven authoritarianism” policy; and second, to investigate how…


What difference do data make? Data management and social change

Morgan E. Currie, Britt S. Paris, Joan M. Donovan

The purpose of this paper is to expand on emergent data activism literature to draw distinctions between different types of data management practices undertaken by groups of data…


Ownership and control over publicly accessible platform data

Teresa Scassa

The purpose of this paper is to examine how claims to “ownership” are asserted over publicly accessible platform data and critically assess the nature and scope of rights to reuse…

Open government for all? Co-creating digital public services for older adults through data walks

Juliane Jarke

The purpose of this paper is to review interventions/methods for engaging older adults in meaningful digital public service design by enabling them to engage critically and…

The Tower of Babel problem: making data make sense with Basic Formal Ontology

Andrew Iliadis

Applied computational ontologies (ACOs) are increasingly used in data science domains to produce semantic enhancement and interoperability among divergent data. The purpose of…

“Warning! You’re entering a sick zone”: The construction of risk and privacy implications of disease tracking apps

Scott S.D. Mitchell

Traditional public health methods for tracking contagious diseases are increasingly complemented with digital tools, which use data mining, analytics and crowdsourcing to predict…

The compliant environment: Conformity, data processing and increasing inequality in UK higher education

Penny Andrews

The purpose of this paper is to present the concept of institutions as compliant environments, using data to monitor and enforce compliance with a range of external policies and…

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