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Table Of Contents: Volume 43 Issue 1

What municipal websites supply and citizens demand: a search engine optimisation approach

Carlos Serrano-Cinca, Jose Felix Muñoz-Soro

The purpose of this paper is to analyse if citizens’ searches on the internet coincide with the services that municipal websites offer. In addition, the authors examine…

A bibliometric analysis of event detection in social media

Xieling Chen, Shan Wang, Yong Tang, Tianyong Hao

The purpose of this paper is to explore the research status and development trend of the field of event detection in social media (ED in SM) through a bibliometric…

What the fake? Assessing the extent of networked political spamming and bots in the propagation of #fakenews on Twitter

Ahmed Al-Rawi, Jacob Groshek, Li Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to examine one of the largest data sets on the hashtag use of #fakenews that comprises over 14m tweets sent by more than 2.4m users.

A corpus of debunked and verified user-generated videos

Olga Papadopoulou, Markos Zampoglou, Symeon Papadopoulos, Ioannis Kompatsiaris

As user-generated content (UGC) is entering the news cycle alongside content captured by news professionals, it is important to detect misleading content as early as…

Location impact on source and linguistic features for information credibility of social media

Suliman Aladhadh, Xiuzhen Zhang, Mark Sanderson

Social media platforms provide a source of information about events. However, this information may not be credible, and the distance between an information source and the…

Event news detection and citizens community structure for disaster management in social networks

Radhia Toujani, Jalel Akaichi

Nowadays, the event detection is so important in gathering news from social media. Indeed, it is widely employed by journalists to generate early alerts of reported…

An exploratory approach to the computational quantification of journalistic values

Sujin Choi

News algorithms not only help the authors to efficiently navigate the sea of available information, but also frame information in ways that influence public discourse and…

Social media analytics: analysis and visualisation of news diffusion using NodeXL

Wasim Ahmed, Sergej Lugovic

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of NodeXL in the context of news diffusion. Journalists often include a social media dimension in their stories but…

The moderating effect of technology optimism

Cheng-Min Chao, Tai-Kuei Yu

The purpose of this paper is to combine task-technology fit, theory of planned behaviour and individual technology optimism, and propose a better hybrid technology…



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