International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education: Volume 23 Issue 4


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The socially responsible European university: a challenging project

Ronald Barnett, Carolina Guzmán-Valenzuela

This paper aims to propose a thesis about the historical evolution of the relationship of the European University in relation to the idea of social responsibility.

Universitas: how do students perceive university social responsibility in three European higher education institutions?

Márcia Coelho, Isabel Menezes

The social dimension of Higher Education has gained relevance on the political and strategic discourses that urge Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to put University…

The engagement CUBE: a dialogical tool for designing, facilitating and monitoring engaged research and teaching strategies

Linde Moriau, Jo Tondeur, Julie Bertone, Minne Huysmans, Martina Temmerman, Pieter Meurs

Community engaged research and learning strategies are considered meaningful methods for universities to demonstrate their critical importance to today’s societies. At the…

Social responsibility in the context of inclusive higher education development – experiences and insights from the perspective of participatory teaching

Anne Goldbach, Mandy Hauser, Saskia Schuppener, Nico Leonhardt, Hannah van Ledden, Daniel Bergelt

With reference to selected principles and considerations from the university social responsibility concept, this study aims to discuss aspects of social responsibility…

Towards a European framework for community engagement in higher education – a case study analysis of European universities

Emma O’Brien, Bojana Ćulum Ilić, Anete Veidemane, Davide Dusi, Thomas Farnell, Ninoslav Šćukanec Schmidt

This paper aims to examine the development and piloting of a novel European framework for community engagement (CE) in higher education, which has been purposefully…


Is the global reporting initiative suitable to account for university social responsibility? Evidence from European institutions

Iratxe Amiano Bonatxea, Jorge Gutiérrez-Goiria, Maria Jose Vazquez-De Francisco, Antonio Sianes

Recognising the importance of universities in the achievement of social and global objectives, this paper aims to study the relevance of the global reporting initiative…

A self-assessment tool for social responsibility in higher education. Reporting on a national policy development process in Portugal

Susana Fonseca, Joana Lobo Fernandes

Providing higher education institutions (HEIs) with a tool for self-assessing their social responsibility (SR) that generates the information and knowledge necessary to a…

Barriers to sustainability at Pakistan public universities and the way forward

Syed Kaleem Ullah Shah Bukhari, Hamdan Said, Rani Gul, Prodhan Mahbub Ibna Seraj

Sustainability has globally become a mantra to address complex and unprecedented survival, social, political and peace issues. Higher education institutions bear…

Sustainable development goals: a framework for deploying indicators for higher education institutions

Juliane Sapper Griebeler, Luciana Londero Brandli, Amanda Lange Salvia, Walter Leal Filho, Giovana Reginatto

This paper aims to analyse the extent to which the sustainable development goals (SDGs) are being considered at higher education institutions (HEIs) and propose and test…

Proposal for sustainability action archetypes for higher education institutions

Francisco Elíseo Fernandes Sanches, Matheus Leite Campos, Luiz Eduardo Gaio, Marcio Marcelo Belli

Higher education institutions (HEIs) should assume their role as leaders in the search for a sustainable future. Consequently, such institutions need to incorporate…

Education for sustainable development in Spanish higher education: an assessment of sustainability competencies in engineering and education degrees

Fermín Sánchez-Carracedo, Daniel Romero-Portillo, Bàrbara Sureda Carbonell, Francisco Manuel Moreno-Pino

This paper aims to present a methodology for analysing the extent to which students of a university degree perceive that they have received a good education for…

Circularity and sustainability within waste management in universities: case study of waste management plans (WMPs) in Brazilian public universities

Marianna Ottoni, Diego Luiz Fonseca, Monica Pertel

This study aims to discuss to what extent are WMPs practical tools for circular and sustainable waste management in universities, presenting, therefore, a case study of…

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